May you feel…, Note, trees and sun, tree music, Eden Energy Yoga Challenge, and gender identity


# 1 – YES!

# 2 – One of my recent Notes From the Universe….that cat part gave me a smile :-)…

It’s kind of strange, Zirah, but first you have to know what you want, defined in terms of the end result.

And then you have to physically move toward it, without defining the hows.

At which point, the thing you want actually starts coming to you, on its own terms, from a direction completely unexpected.

Just carry on, Zirah, detached from the details and timing, and perhaps act like you just couldn’t care less.

Not unlike a cat,
The Universe

# 3 – Glorious image and text….

The trees and the sun, they write poetry on Spirit’s sky-canvas. And it is Medicine for our Senses and Food for our Soul.
Deep munay to all.

K’anchaq songo – Heart of Light
(Picture by Ossi Saarinen)

# 4 – Fascinating and clever….


# 5 – Check out the latest from Self-help Health about a 7-day Eden Energy Yoga Challenge. It’s already in the works, but previous days’ routines on still available on YouTube and Facebook. I’m playing catch-up myself. :-)

# 6 – A reminder for us not to get so caught up in outer form…..

Gender identity” is inconsequential from an Energy standpoint. In other words, when we view anything that is physical, we see the Energy of it, and we note that the Energy of what you call male and female is equal in all things. — Abraham


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4 Replies to “May you feel…, Note, trees and sun, tree music, Eden Energy Yoga Challenge, and gender identity”

  1. I really like your blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon.

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