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MONICOR!! Now available in the US for the first time!

This cutting-edge technology was invented in Russia and has been a part of the health care system there for over 10 years. It has also been used by the cosmonauts, and received a number of awards, including medals for contributing to the development of Astronautics, and development and innovation in health care, as well as garnering a medal from the European Academy.

This unique system offers multiple ways to enhance health and well-being, and performs whole body diagnostics and corrections based on the principle of resonance, which is the ultimate way to address issues and restore normal bodily functions without suppressing or activating them. This, in turn, allows for the body to heal itself in a natural way.

Monicor’s General Test program is able to do a scan in just under 2 MINUTES that shows, in real time, 1,170 different stress conditions in the body, the condition of the meridian system and acupuncture points, and potential disease risks. At the end of the test it presents a read-out of data and diagnostics showing the functional condition of the entire body and all its organs, as well as the stress level of the body. You can also see where there is over- or under-activity in the body’s various systems.

In addition, Monicor can perform a Stress Test scan to determine which of over 170 common parasites, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens are active in the body. The device also features a program that can check various supplements, foods and/or personal care items for their compatibility with the body/overall system of the person being tested.

As you can see, this amazing device can be used in multiple ways, including diagnosing and balancing over- or under-activity in meridians and acupoints, pinpointing and correcting symptoms, testing substances and supplements for effectiveness, and detecting and deactivating non-beneficial micro-organisms. It also shows your biorhythms (when you are strong/weak intellectually, physically, psychologically, and intuition-wise) during the time of testing, as well as an assessment of up to 70 psycho-emotional states.

Part of the body’s meridians and acupoint system

BALANCING MERIDIANS & ACUPOINTS: Having balanced meridians is vitally important for our health. MONICOR can quickly determine if there is a surplus or lack of energy in the meridians and, during a general correction, restore balance to 1 to 2 key meridians per session.

In addition, by reading the frequencies of acupuncture points and detecting which of them are weak, normal or over-active, the device is able to perform a 20 to 40 minute correction to all points, so an optimal acupuncture treatment is provided…..WITHOUT THE USE OF NEEDLES!

SYMPTOM CORRECTION: With this function, the device and program use a specific symptom as base and calculate which zones or acupuncture points need to be corrected. By selecting an actual symptom (cough, sore shoulder, indigestion, etc.) from the program list and running a scan, Monicor is able to calculate which zones or points to treat, so the necessary correction(s) can be performed. There is also the option of having a session where a specific program that works to detox the whole body is run.

CHECKING THE EFFECT OF SUBSTANCES: All substances vibrate at their own unique frequency, and Monicor has a unique ability to check, via resonance, how a certain organ or system in the body is affected by a particular substance. So supplements, foods, personal care items, etc. can be tested for compatibility and ability to promote health and well-being for the individual. The device is also able to show how technogenic frequencies in the room affect the individual’s various organs and systems. Up to 5 different substances can be evaluated during a session.

various gastro-intestinal micro-organisms

DEACTIVATING MICRO-ORGANISMS: Non-beneficial organisms are usually activated when the body is in a weakened state or stagnations are present in particular organs and/or systems. External viruses and parasites can also affect the body. Monicor’s Stress Test recognizes the frequencies of about 170 common parasites, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, and is able to detect if any of these exist in the body. If so, a correction is done that eliminates/deactivates the organisms by applying the right frequencies. Up to 10 organisms can be checked for and deactivated during a session.