Wave of Love takes on Cell Phone Radiation?

TIP: Anyone out there want to know more about the radiation hazards of using a cell phone? Check out http://www.enviroblog.org for two postings (dated 10/8 and 10/21) on the subject. This site also offers information about other health and environmental issues, in case you’re looking for that kind of thing.  

PICK:  And now, as Monty Python would say, for something completely different.  Ready for a “Wave of Love” ? It’s much more fun than thinking about cell phone radiation! Here’s a trip-y experience through the templates of creation, sacred geometry style: http://www.youtube.com/user/UniversalLifeTools#p/a/1/BoSHh_zF4eo

Free planetary consciousness, coherence & healing series starting

I just got an e-mail from Linda Pannell at World Changing Wisdom about the 3rd Planetary Consciousness & Healing Conference that starts on 10/21, with 40 great presenters in the fields of  Science, Spirituality, The Sacred, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Miracles and more. 

Linda has gathered some of  the planet’s most inspiring, provocative, and evolutionary scientists, healers, wisdom keepers, and spiritual leaders to explore the ancient wisdom of the heart and the modern wisdom of science and technology. The roster includes Gregg Braden, Howard Martin, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Maureen Moss, David Wolfe, Brad Yates, and Gabriel Cousens–just to name a few.

The event is free, and will be recorded with 24-hour non-downloadable access to the recordings after each event, which is normally how I am able to catch the presentations I’m interested in listening to. There’s also the option of purchasing lifetime access to the mp3s, if that’s the way you want to go.

Check it all out here: