Gratitude, double good news, look for the positive, Guy Finley, and Awakening Thru Intimacy


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# 2 – A dose of good news, or should I say, news that is good from my particular point of view :-)….

And more good news…

# 3 – In the world of real estate there’s the saying that what’s important is “location, location, location.” When it comes to consciously creating what you want, I guess you could say it’s “attention, attention, attention.”

# 4 – This article from Guy Finley fits in nicely with Tip # 3….

Discover the Hidden Gift
in Any Disturbance

The problem isn’t that life is filled with disturbance. Nothing in nature grows and changes without upheaval! In the grand scheme of things, from the infinitesimal to the celestial… Your life is meant to move from one disturbance to another.

But along with this disturbance you can also see the constant beauty, fulfillment, and perfection of the rebirth of new life. You can’t have one without the other.

The problem, when it comes to ourselves, is that we can’t see past the disturbance to the perfection and new life that arises out of it. We only see what we don’t want.

And this negative mindset cuts us off from all the other marvelous possibilities that are open to us in the very same moment as the disturbance.

Right in the very heart of every disturbance lies a clue to its meaning and access to its transformational power.

When we miss it, everything seems bleak. But when we learn how to look for and unlock this hidden treasure, even the darkest moment brings with it an unexpected brilliance, which is why in the Chinese language “crisis” and “opportunity” are expressed by the same symbol.

It’s only when we reach into the heart of some disturbance, whatever its nature, that we are able to divine the reason for its existence within us.

And when this unseen relationship between some unwanted crisis and the birth of a new order of consciousness within us becomes apparent to us, we can’t help but see the good in what seemed bad just the moment before; and in this exact moment of awakening… we are flooded with the love of life.

Use This Basic Key to Stop Being Afraid (of Anything!)

There is one basic key to genuine confidence and a happiness that can’t be diminished in the face of any disturbance life throws at you. It’s knowing that whatever happens to you is for the good of you — and because of that you have the power to handle anything with ease.

With that kind of inner certainty, you are always the master of the moment. You know that nothing can ever throw you off balance. You will always land on your feet. Better yet, you will always land in a place higher than where you were before.

  • Imagine the freedom and assurance you’d feel if you met every moment of your life with that kind of inner confidence.
  • Think how alive you would feel if you were able to enter each new day knowing that no matter who you met, or what happened to you, you would always have the inner resources to handle it perfectly.
  • Wouldn’t you always love your life knowing it was all a feast prepared for you to help you reach the next level above yourself?

Here’s something to think about (consider it your first lesson in beginning to love your life):

It’s impossible to need something that doesn’t already exist to fulfill that need.

For instance: We couldn’t “need” air, water, or food if these necessities of life didn’t already exist. We “need” to be able to feel what others are feeling, or else there could be no compassion.

Well… The same exact principle holds true when it comes to love.

The very fact that most of us feel the hole in our soul that we do — for the lack of love — is the proof that the love we long for already resides somewhere within us and is natural to us, or we couldn’t have this sensing that something vital was missing.

We just don’t have eyes to see what’s right in front of us. That’s why we need to have the evidence shown to us — to open our eyes and remind us of what we already know.

And that’s the purpose of this letter: to let you know that the help you need is available.

For more about Guy Finley, his Life of Learning Foundation, and a free Welcome Kit, go to:

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It will take place on Saturday, September 7th , and is titled Awakening Through Intimacy, and will show you how to use your everyday relationships to awaken and grow in the most powerful way. During this free event, Thomas will share the brilliant and accessible insights he has become renowned for, illuminating how you can turn your relationships into the primary vehicle for your spiritual transformation — elevating you and your relationships to their highest expression.
He will share key principles for cracking the relationship code, including:
  • Making communication transparent and more authentic in order to build trust
  • Clearing out past traumas, wounds and patterns
  • Extending your awareness more deeply into the moment-to-moment interactions — leading to more dynamism and life-force
  • Developing subtle-energy competencies that “tend the fire” of Eros
  • Deepening your understanding of attraction and the patterns that are often beneath it

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Enjoy, “Zippy”

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