Achieving inner peace, astrology update, evidence journal, avocado recipes, magic mushrooms, and Abraham


# 1 – Another great article by Guy Finley titled Are You Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places?

Key Lesson: Rushing around, hoping to find peace of mind anywhere other than within yourself, is like looking for your heart in someone else’s body!

Higher self-knowledge empowers you to realize the better, brighter life you’ve always wanted! The following four key lessons are taken from Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time. Use their insights to help you let go of self-limiting patterns such as stress and anxiety in favor of a new order of consciousness that is the cornerstone of energy, clarity, and deep abiding love.

Any confidence you may have based on something outside yourself is also the basis of your self-doubt.

We have been living from an unseen part of ourselves: a self that thinks clinging to wreckage is the same as being rescued.

Letting go has nothing to do with the release of anything outside of yourself.

Here’s the most important thing to remember whenever you find yourself in a mad rush: what you really want, what you’re really after, is a quiet mind — a peaceable state of self reached only by realizing there is no place more empowering for you to be than in the present moment.

This article is excerpted from the book Letting Go. For a free Welcome Kit from Guy’s Life of Learning Foundation, go to:

# 2 – A great idea from Dr. Robert Anthony…

If you are like most people your life is very busy.  However, I am
asking – no begging you to take just 15 minutes per day to “check
in” with yourself and put SOMETHING in your Evidence Journal.

Using an Evidence Journal to give yourself daily evidence of how
you are shifting and deliberately creating is extremely powerful.

It may seem strange – but it works.

Here is an example for how you can use your Evidence Journal…

If you had a “bad” day then that cannot be changed.  But what can
change is the way you look at it.  Something went “right” today.
Something good happened.  Record that evidence today.

Find something good that you can focus on.  This is what will keep
you in the “flow”.  You are out of the “flow” anytime you focus on
or replay things in your mind that are not in alignment with the
way you want to live.

(FYI, is another way to record your evidence and appreciation for what’s happening in your life.)

# 3 – Recently I featured a link in one of my posts to an article about the benefits of avocados.  Now, here’s one with some avocado recipe ideas. I’m definitely going to try the avocado pudding,….sounds so simple. And the kale/avocado salad (Pickles & Honey site) looks great, plus I learned about massaging kale, which I’d never heard of before!

# 4 – News of more innovative, forward-thinking stuff happening. Yea! How does it get any better than this and what else is possible?! Let’s hear it for mushrooms!

# 5 – And check out this from Mind Valley…

Register for the free Silva Method Mind Experience and get a centering exercise, plus other helpful techniques

# 6 – Astrology update for the week from Chris Flisher at….

Week of February 18, 2013

The Sun enters Pisces early in the week and this area of your chart will soon become quite active as we head into the end of the month. A rare collection of planets begin to gather in Pisces which may herald a shift in collective consciousness. Neptune, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all be together soon under the sign whose motto is to believe. When planets join together such as this we see a general theme coming to light. With Pisces, the water sign, we come to learn about intuition, wisdom, institutions, dreams, and the unconscious. What does that look like on a larger scale? We are clearly at a significant crossroads where what once worked will no longer sustain. We must accept these facts. As the planet groans under the weight of responsibility we have to face the music with dignity and purpose.

How does this work for you?……see video for extended forecast for planet. 

# 7 – And from Abraham…

Is it possible to be the visionary and the actionary of your own life? Not only possible, it’s the way most of you intended it to be. It’s the best of all worlds. What can be more exhilarating than to find a dream from the contrast, to fixate on the dream and let it give you pleasure as it grows, and then to watch Law of Attraction bring it into manifestation while you help with your action? Does it get any better than that? You didn’t think so as you made the decision to come forth into these physical bodies. You said, “This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to Create.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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The Cure Is movie, more on the full moon, healthy hot chocolate, letting go, amazing dog story, and more!


# 1 – The Cure Is, a full-length documentary on health and healing featuring such experts as Dr. Sue Morter, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Dr. Bernie Siegel is now available for on-line viewing. 

The Cure Is is about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity, and reveals one of the most profound ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. The film includes amazing true stories woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders that will radically shift the way you look at health and disease forever.

“This film will transform your life!” — Laurie Faulkner, cancer survivor!/deployment_code=58773105me4gse

# 2 – Wow, an amazing story about paralyzed dogs regaining use of their legs…

# 3 – For people in my part of the country it’s getting to be hot chocolate weather, where a cup of aromatic cocoa can be a pleasant and warming winter treat (and thus make the evolutionary process easier ;-))…

There are as many hot chocolate recipes as there are hot chocolate aficionados, and it’s nice to know that if you use the right kind of ingredients, the drink can be full of health benefits. Here’s a recipe from an article at Natural News; adjust as you like for quantity and richness. This recipe can be for vegans or for those who prefer real cream, depending on your choice of ingredients. Makes one serving.

In a 14-16 oz. mug add two well-rounded teaspoons of cocoa powder, preferably a premium, unsweetened organic chocolate. Heat 12 oz. coconut milk. Remove from the heat just before it starts boiling and pour a very small amount into the cup, stirring with a spoon or whisk until the cocoa melts. Add the rest of the coconut milk, leaving room for additional cream. Add a pinch of Himalayan crystal salt to the steaming mug, one cinnamon stick, about half a teaspoon of vanilla extract or a pinch of raw vanilla powder (you can get this from Raw Food World), stevia to taste (I have some Sweet Leaf Liquid Vanilla Creme Stevia that would probably work great for covering both the vanilla and the stevia), and (for non-vegans) organic or raw heavy cream, plain or whipped.

Coconut whipped cream may be substituted and is easy to make from a chilled can of coconut cream. Or add marshmallows, nutmeg, or a tiny pinch of cayenne.

Learn more:

# 4 – An insightful article from Guy Finley on four words that can change your life…

Key Lesson: Honesty heals; lies hurt. In these four words lives all one needs to know and practice, that is, assuming one wishes to be whole, harmless, true and loving.

Each time we see the need to let go of something — a bad habit that drags us down, an unsatisfactory relationship, a career choice that can’t complete us in the way we dreamed it would, or maybe unrealistic expectations of ours about others that eventually spoil our partnerships with them — whatever it may be: what is it that’s actually happened in these moments of honest self-examination? See if this simple answer doesn’t describe our situation.

Aren’t we being “asked” to give up an existing relationship in order to make room in our lives for something higher? Of course we are. Then why is it so hard to act on our intuition? After all, who doesn’t want a life that’s better, brighter, and truer? Here’s why we hesitate to make this exchange, as so many of us do: the real challenge in such moments is that what we must choose in favor of can’t be seen by our physical eyes!

Inherent in any true spiritual surrender is this one inescapable fact: we can’t hope to realize the actual nature of that new and greater relationship we seek until we have released the old one.

When it comes to letting go and growing beyond who and what we have been up until that time, the deal is non-negotiable: first comes our gradual awakening to what no longer works for us, followed by the inner work to release the same. Then, and only then, dawns the discovery and realization of what is — in all cases — a new and higher order of our self; our life is transformed. Confidence, contentment, and compassion become our constant companions.

To the point: letting go follows our realization that holding on is of no further use! In one way or another, we start seeing how all of our old tried-and-true solutions have proven themselves to be “false friends.”

Whether wanted or not, we stand at the threshold of that unfamiliar and innermost territory called the “dark night of the soul”; we now know that of ourselves we can do no more for ourselves. And so we wait there in our uncertainty, caught, as it were, between two possibilities, neither of which is wanted. In one hand, there is the “rock” of not wanting to go through what we know must be done; in the other is “the hard place” of seeing that no other options are available. Our one great fear is that if we do let go, our fate is sealed. We will fall into that dark, yawning abyss before us called “not knowing what will become of us” — a forbidding place from which we believe there may be no escape! But this is a false assumption based upon an equally false perception. It’s a lie produced by the false self to keep us from answering the call to it leave behind. Here is the truth of the matter, which you will know from yourself each time you dare to let go: You do not fall. Instead, you rise!

(This article is excerpted from The Secret of Letting Go. BTW, Guy’s Life of Learning Foundation is offering specials on some of his products–which are very reasonably priced even when not on sale–that would make great holiday gifts for friends and family. And don’t forget to pick up your free welcome kit when you visit the site.)

# 5 – And this update from on the full moon ties in nicely with the article in #4 and the idea of letting go…

With Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon we reach the second of the pair of late fall eclipses, with the one feeding off the other. Eclipses usually come in pairs, sometimes in threes, as the Sun and Moon flirt with the nodal points in the Moon’s orbit, those imaginary and mystical poles that represent the line of coincidence between the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. In modern Western astrology, the Moon’s nodes represent sensitive points in your chart. According to the school of Evolutionary Astrology, and most Western practice, the South Node carries the meaning of who you were in past lifetimes, while the North Noderepresents where you are heading in this lifetime – an unfamiliar area that you must somehow learn the intricacies of in order that your soul purpose destiny is fulfilled.

The Full Moon time also represents a fulfillment of the promise of the New Moon, and an eclipse New Moon is more powerful and longer lasting; effects can be seen over at least a six-month period. Therefore the Scorpio moment of the November 13th New Moon represents an important area of your chart; either your Solar Chart (the basis of Sun Sign columns) or your chart with its actual rising sign. Wherever the 22nd degree of Scorpio might fall in either chart format, it would be an excellent idea for you to pay close attention to and to witness your growth, or your obstacles to growth, in this area of your life. Now, with the culmination of the Gemini Full Moon eclipse, the pair of opposite signs Sagittarius and Gemini are invoked, as the next stage in the unfolding of the ideas incubated at the time of the New Moon two weeks ago. These signs are all about learning and growing through increasing knowledge of ourselves, so that we are back in the school of life once more in order that we better understand our actual experience.

It is significant as well that this extra-powerful Full Moon energy pulls in all the outer planets, and that these have a lot to do with spiritual evolution in the broadest possible terms. The Sun and Moon light up Uranus by trine and sextile, Neptune by square, plus Pluto and also Saturn by semi-sextile and quincunx. Saturn is in sextile with Pluto at very nearly the same degree of compatible signs, with Saturn in Pluto‘s sign of Scorpiowhile Pluto resides in Saturn‘s sign of Capricorn. These each make a quincunx to the Lunar Eclipse Moon, a configuration known as a Yod, or “finger of God.” The Sun in opposition is also of course a factor, creating what is technically called a ‘Kite pattern.’ Simultaneously, Venus and Mars help out by being respectively conjunctSaturn and Pluto. To top it off, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter while Saturn is parallel as well as sextile to Pluto. This is an extremely potent configuration, and echoes once again the slumbering UranusPluto square (which is scheduled to come roaring back in the spring of 2013) and at this momentary late fall time with Saturn a strong component. The intellectually curious sign of Gemini, the transformational sign of Scorpio and as well as the universal signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn are strongly emphasized.

So wherever these four signs land in your chart, you are now faced with issues to deal with, and to reflect upon, for these next six months. Saturn with Pluto means that some basically unwilling structure has to change. This could be the structure of your life itself, or some part of that structure that no longer fits with what you aspire to in terms of your soul’s intention. Sagittarius implies that learning and new understanding are intimately involved in this intention of yours to change, based on re-framing the events of the past year or even of the past two weeks. This need not be dire; learning is fun. There is implicit joy as well as pain in letting go of the factors in your life that no longer serve you. However this is not the time to hide your head in the sand, any longer, but rather to raise it up.

(For more on the full moon/lunar eclipse, see yesterday’s post.)

# 6 – Words of wisdom…


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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For this workshop prepare a list of 4 or 5 things you would like to have different in your life. They can be items that relate to many aspects of your life such as physical conditions, personality, limiting beliefs, unpleasant past experiences, phobias, fears, worries, finances, etc.

# 6 – QiGong master Michael Mohoric is offering another no cost distant energy healing…

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You can join this free distant energy healing session by using your intention to be included. If you wish to join, just close your eyes for a minute when you read this and mentally say that you intend to join the session and want to be included. That is all you have to do to connect with the energy; healing energy can begin to flow to you once you do this. There will be unscheduled daily energy adjustments leading up to the main session on 12/2.

For those who want to know more about this work, you can go to

# 7 – Michelle Barr is offering a free event titled 12 Days of Mindset Magic and Merry Manifesting starting the first of December…


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Scorpio new moon/solar eclipse, QiGong Healingfest, Guy Finley on self-liberation, meditation event, Maru the magnificent, and Abraham. Wowie!


# 1 – Information from about the current new moon/solar eclipse…


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse and New Moon comes at an interesting point of time, emphasizing the sign of Scorpio as well as PlutoScorpio‘s modern ruler. Also featured is Chiron, the Wounded Healer. An eclipse is in any case a more powerful than usual lunation, and coming at this time of the year, and inScorpio, reminds us of the principle of transformation and the necessity for spiritual evolution. Mercury, now retrograde and moving backward intoScorpio by late Tuesday evening, fosters a thoughtful mood in which we might be able to fruitfully reflect on our changing circumstances.

At the time of the eclipse, the Moon parallels Pluto, while Saturn is sextile, and also makes an almost perfect trine to Chiron in early PiscesUranus is semi-sextile to Chiron within a fraction of a minute of a degree while Venusto Chiron makes a perfect quincunx aspect as well. Chiron, the archetype of Wounded Healer, reveals to us the places inside where we are reactive as a result of earlier undigested trauma, and where we may yet heal. That the painful places within us are activated is, perhaps, a natural consequence of the rapidity of change that we as a society are now facing. The prominence of Chiron also suggests our collective trepidation regarding the future. As one example of the ills that beset us, the storm that recently ravaged the East Coast has forced recognition that climate change is realer than even the most pessimistic assessments, and that the time is indeed getting very short to begin to deal with it.

Our metamorphosis, both collectively and as individuals within a changing society, is far from over, as we know from the prominence of the UranusPluto square, due to last for most of the remainder of this decade. AsChiron comes so fully into our collective focus with the timing of this eclipse, we are brought once again to the realization that we must deal with our own internal wounding also if we are to forge a more viable world.

If the mass recognition of Global Warming has been delayed by a form of collective denial, then we might want to ask the question of what purpose that serves, even as we strive to move beyond it. It’s the same with our own personal wounding. If we use denial or if we medicate ourselves in some of the many ways that are available, in order to stave off difficult feelings, we might want to ask the same question, of what purpose it serves, and to have compassion for ourselves as we try to move beyond denial to acknowledgement and acceptance. Certainly there are places inside us, and events that have taken place, that were too painful to acknowledge at the time that they occurred, and might still be too painful to fully acknowledge. We can continue to duck until such time as we are ready to face up to what we must eventually begin to deal with.

The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse degree is “Duck hunters setting off” and the question is what we are hunting. We can continue to set up false goals or to attack projections of reality in attempt to deny it, or we can proceed, with ultimate courage, to go after the truth of our actual situation.

Here’s more on the new moon, excerpted from Scorpio New Moon: Time to Push! by Simone Butler at

“A new world is being born—within us and without. That last stage of labor makes so many women want to get up and leave. Just before it’s time to push. And the baby is almost out. It’s almost time to push, everyone.” –Dr. Christiane Northrup

Although many astrologers felt that Obama would be re-elected, based on his transits, last night’s quick outcome came as a shock. Who could have imagined that things would go so smoothly on the day that Mercury turned retrograde? But in this case, Trickster Mercury—along with a lot of dedicated voters—returned our president to us, giving him four more years to finish what he started.

This may be terrible news to some, but the real tragedy is the recent devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. On October 29, a powerhouse Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon on the financial axis of New York City’s natal chart (January 1, 1898, 12:01 am) coincided with the massive hurricane, bringing loss and destruction to that city, as well as other parts of the East Coast and the Caribbean. And, the upcoming total solar eclipse on NYC’s second house Chiron reflects both the wounding and healing process that’s occurring, especially of a financial nature.

The November 13 New Moon solar eclipse (2:08 p.m. PST) is the first in a series with the Nodes transiting Taurus and Scorpio. Echoing the October 29 Full Moon, this eclipse brings new urgency to examining our deepest values and needs. Over the next two years, as eclipses continue to hit the Taurus/Scorpio axis, the call to transform existing financial systems will grow ever stronger world-wide—but especially on Wall Street.

Although the eclipse will only be visible in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, we’re all going to feel its transformative effects. Because the eclipse falls during Mercury retrograde (November 6 – 26), it gives us a chance to reflect on the past and retrieve what’s most valuable. We may need to experience grief and loss in order to let go of what no longer serves. But Scorpio rules birth as well as death. As Dr. Christiane Northrup reminds us in the quote above, we’re collectively birthing a new world. And, we mustn’t give up before the final push!

The following is an excerpt from an article by Colin Bondi at

The New Moon is not a time of illumination, which is still to come. Rather it is a time of going deep within perhaps deeper than we are comfortable going. It’s a time of embracing the darkness within and surrendering to it. In that surrender comes the gift of limitless potential because the darkness of the New Moon represents the limitless potential of the unknown where all things are possible. Here there is limitless power, limitless abundance and limitless love, in other words life.

This New Moon occurs in a period of some intense aspects and energy. Saturn recently entered Scorpio and we have a Solar Eclipse on this New Moon. The Sun/Moon conjunction is also conjunct the North Node in Scorpio. The North Node points in the direction of our evolutionary growth so this is a good time on our inward journey to review our direction and anything that impedes it. The Dark Goddess calls us to do a deep cleaning of our psyches. As 2012 draws to a close and the vibration of the collective field continues to increase we are under more and more pressure to clear away the old patterns which no longer serve us. Our resistance to facing these old patterns creates the painful situations many of us are dealing with at this time.

(Interesting to note, at least for me :-), that the new moon/solar eclipse is happening between 21 and 22 degrees Scorpio, where both my sun and ascendant are, and a day before my birthday. Should make for a powerful solar return!)

Want more on the current cosmic happenings?

# 2 – Insightful, inspiring stimulation from Guy Finley that seems to tie in nicely with this powerful solar eclipse period (love the key lesson–would make a great bumper sticker :-)…

Key Lesson: It’s always the right time to discover something new and true about your own nature, even if, in that moment, what you’ve uncovered seems altogether wrong.

Welcome the Light That Liberates You

There is no brighter gift, no greater potential given to we human beings, than the presence of a timeless Light within us whose power makes all things possible. Its celestial character knows we have not been created to live as the captive of any fearful condition, let alone those we unconsciously create for ourselves.

This ever quiet, always present Light goes before us at all times, as does the illumination of a lamp move ahead of the one who walks by the safety of its beams. This little metaphor helps explain many things. For instance, one wonders: if this Light is already within us — a timeless power whose presence makes things right — then why do we run into as many problems as we do? With such a source of courage at the very center of us, why do our fears outpace our ability to put them behind us? As we are about to see, the answer to both these questions is amazingly simple.

What good is the light of any lamp in the dark if we forget to take that lamp with us out into the night? In other words, what good is this fearless nature of ours if we can’t remember that to walk through life without our Light means we are likely to stumble and “fall into a pit”? As we uncover the cause of why we forget our True Self, we also recover its native fearlessness… all in one clean action. Soon comes a whole new way to live, laugh, and love.

A big part of learning to welcome this Light that liberates us from our fears requires that we do the interior work of seeing where we have been living from false conclusions: mistaken ideas about life and ourselves that we took as being real but that are not. It isn’t until we see the truth of our actual condition that we finally stop participating in our own punishment. The world becomes a better place for us, because we stop wasting everything in it in order to free ourselves from things that are illusions in the first place.

This celestial part of our individual consciousness lives in everyone, and even though we humans number in the billions, our conscience is one. By its light we are empowered to see things as they are; through its encompassing intelligence we understand, at once, the beautiful wholeness of things and their many separate relationships. And as the light of this new awareness dawns within us, we become the very things we have sought for, and fought for all of our lives: compassion, wisdom, kindness, courage, and love.

Our spiritual task, assuming we are stirred to seek this truth of ourselves, is to awaken ourselves to this Light that first invites us, and then unites us with its uncompromised life. Our receptivity to its abiding presence is our connectivity to its fearlessness, and accordingly we are empowered to possess ourselves; for as we enter into its life we not only see what is right, bright, and timeless, but also come to realize these beautiful qualities as being one and the same as our True Self.

(This article is excerpted from The Essential Laws of Fearless Living. For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation, go to:

# 3 – Here’s a message from EnlightenNext about a free day-long virtual event on meditation…

Right now, we are in the middle of a global celebration of spirit leading up to the 4th Annual EnlightenNext Meditation Marathon. During this special time, we host events focused on meditation, and I am delighted to invite you to Meditation: the Ultimate Spiritual Practice for Women, a daylong virtual seminar for women (at no cost) on Saturday November 17 from 11am-4pm ET.

Join EnlightenNext Senior Teachers Dr. Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams for this unique one-day virtual seminar dedicated to discovering the source of true inner freedom through meditation. This practical workshop will teach you how to meditate and why meditation gives access to a confidence and clarity that empowers us to align our choices with our highest aspirations.

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# 4 – Want to increase your smile quotient for the day? A cute video about a Scottish Fold cat named Maru that apparently speaks both Chinese and English :-)…

# 5 – Don’t forget that Learning Strategies is bringing back their Spring Forest Healingfest, with Master Chunyi Lin, where you can learn qigong for free….

They hosted this series earlier in the year and it was such a big success they are offering it again. The class just started so sign up now before you miss any of the training videos.

# 6 – And a little Abraham to end on…

“The Universe knows all things and is responding to the vibration that you are sending. When you are sending your vibration on purpose, you are orchestrating what the Universe is aligning for you.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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20 Free gifts, Abundant Results Workshop, Andrew Cohen on enlightenment, coconut oil wins again, Guy Finley, and Heart Fire Gateways


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# 1 – Natalie Ledwell is giving away seats to her upcoming  Abundant Results Live Training Workshop where in 60  minutes she’ll teach you how to obtain greater health, wealth, love and freedom…

A highly sought-after speaker, best-selling author and host of the popular online TV show, The Inspiration Show, Natalie has already touched over a million lives worldwide. In her video, she also provides 2 tips to achieve  a higher abundance vibration so you can start having more of what you want in your life.

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# 2 – Andrew Cohen on evolutionary enlightenment…

Put Yourself in God’s Position

The whole idea behind Evolutionary Enlightenment is to become a liberated human being who is a real player in the life process. Because it is only in and through individuals who are real players—who have awakened to what an extraordinary privilege it is to be one of the luckiest people to have ever been born—that God, or the energy and intelligence that initiated the creative process, can actually do anything. If you put yourself in God’s position, you will see that you wouldn’t be able to create the future in and through a selfish, self-centered person who deeply experiences incarnation as a burden. There simply wouldn’t be any room for you in such an individual’s heart, mind, and soul. This is why our enlightenment—our development beyond ego—has become nothing less than an evolutionary imperative.—Andrew Cohen

# 3 – Another article where coconut oil comes out on top, this time for helping you absorb nutrients…

And using coconut oil for dental health…

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# 4 – An article from Guy Finley that fits in perfectly with the fall season here in the US…


Key Lesson: The missing spiritual key — needed to forgive those who have hurt us — is found in our own awakening wish to be forgiven for having been deceived, and then seduced into believing there could ever be a valid reason for hating anyone.

The fall season, so full of autumn colors, tells the passage of one order of life surrendering itself so that another may take its place. This makes it a natural time for us to let go of any old resentment — to forgive those who may have hurt us — so that our heart, willingly emptied of the pain of the past has room within it for the arrival of a new order of joy and trust.

Learning to let go in this way honors life, because it is true to what Life needs in order to succeed within us and through us.

Fall is nature’s preparation for regeneration, and we too should use this time to release anything left hanging over — from the heartache of an unresolved relationship, to that argument with someone that still stings us each time we relive it. That past pain should be deliberately dropped now, shed like dried-out leaves to blow away in the winds of time.

The vital forces that oversee and enforce life’s ceaseless expansion and contraction, that ensure its fullness becomes emptiness in order to fill it again… they have no conflict with one other. Far from it: they complement each other by secretly serving to complete one another. And this knowledge can be our power because — with such wisdom in hand — we can let go knowing that whatever we will release will be returned to us in a whole new form.

(Excerpted from 365 Days to Let Go. For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation, go to:

# 5 – And I love this image and text that was part of this week’s Heart Fire Gateways series of 42 e-mails…

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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New moon in Virgo, get to know Panache, Chellie on astrology, The Edge and more!


If you aren’t familiar with Panache Desai, then, at least in my humble opinion :-), you’re missing out. He just revamped his website, so now’s the perfect time to see what all the hub-bub is about. I recommend scrolling down the right-hand side of the home page ( and checking out the 5 min. Heart of Possibility video with Panache and Michael Bernard Beckwith and the simple 10 min free, downloadable Infinite Love & Abundance meditation (wonderful energy and music), just a little further down the page.

Also, Panache is going to be offering a 3-part series on the current season of the phenomenal series Healing With the Masters, which I featured recently as a “pick.” The series just started and you can still catch a couple of the beginning replays. I listened to Guy Finley yesterday and thought it was wonderful. Guy’s a no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is, on-point kind of guy (no pun intended!), who’s precision of words and spiritual insights are pure gold. And I always love the way he and host Jennifer McLean interact. Sign up now and be able to listen to the replay before it expires.

(For a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation go to:



# 1 – Want to be in the know about what’s happening in the evolution movement?

The group Evolutionary Leaders offers The Edge, an on-line newsletter with all sorts of informative and stimulating articles, resources and more. You can sign up to receive it here:

# 2 – For all you animal lovers out there, a sad story with a happy ending that shows what a difference just a few caring individuals can make…

# 3 – Here’s a great take on astrology excerpted from a blog post by Chellie Campbell of The Wealthy Spirit

“About astrology and palmistry: They are good because they make people vivid and full of possibilities. They are communism at its best. Everybody has a birthday and almost everybody has a palm.”Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Astrology has been practiced since ancient days. I believe there is something to it, and I check in with my astrologer about important things. I read the daily horoscope in the newspaper, too, although they are careful to state that it is to be read for “entertainment.” That seems fair, since it would be hard for one little three-sentence overview for the day to be spot-on for everyone in a particular sign. It’s just the sun sign; it doesn’t take into account your rising sign, moon sign, or any other sign that might mitigate the prediction for your day.

But you can get some great affirmations for the day from the astrology section of the newspaper. Read the one for your sun sign—if you like it, you can decide that it is a true prediction for your day today. If you don’t like it, decide that there was a mistake made, or your rising sign makes a different prediction more appropriate for you that day…you get the idea. Then read all the horoscopes for each sign and choose the one you like best as your forecast for the day.

I’ve saved a few that make me feel good when I read them. I pick one out now and again to be my positive astrology affirmation for the day. Then I rewrite them as positive affirmations to add to my list. Here are some examples of affirmations I created in the style of Sydney Omarr, whose horoscopes are published in the LA Times:

1. “You are on the precipice of universal acclaim. Fame and fortune are coming your way today. Be yourself and you win.”

2. “This could be your power-play day. Concentrate on putting forth your best effort. Great success is just around the corner.”

3. “Today is your kind of day! What appeared to be out of reach will be yours. Emphasis on love, friendship and partnerships.”

4. “Good things in store—financial picture brightens. Astrological cycle highlights production, intensity, reward.”

5. “Time to celebrate! Hopes, wishes, desire fulfilled in fantastic manner. Many are talking positively about your talent, personality, and luck. You’ll receive rewards.”

The guiding principle is—if it makes you feel happier, believe it. If it makes you feel worse, don’t believe it.

Today’s Affirmation: “Today is my kind of day! Great success here to stay!”

# 4 – And speaking of astrology, here’s an insightful article about the Virgo new moon and Uranus-Pluto configuration…

Virgo New Moon: Harvest Bounty by  · September 12, 2012

My vegetable garden yielded some delicious squash, peppers, tomatoes and herbs, thrilling my novice gardener’s soul. Still, despite regular watering and fertilizing, many things I planted in the spring never made it to fruition. Each morning I rip something out of the earth, bidding farewell to the withered cornstalk, or the brown raspberry bush for which I had high hopes. Such is the nature of gardens—and life.

In the Northern Hemisphere, September is harvest time. We give thanks for the bounty we’ve received and release what has failed to produce. Yet unless we’re planting a winter garden (an undertaking which seems beyond me right now), the soil we most need to cultivate during Mercury-ruled Virgo is in our minds. It is there we must clear space, root out what’s dead, and prepare the ground for future planting.

The September 15 Virgo New Moon (7:11 p.m. PDT) brings this sorting-and-clearing process to a head. Mercury, the planet which rules Virgo, conjoins the Sun and Moon at the lunation. This hyper-mental energy requires placing our thoughts in service of our goals, not our worries (Virgo’s dark side). There may be a strong desire to control the uncontrollable this month. Better to take charge of our thought processes—one of the few things we can control—and practice faith and relaxation as we surrender outcomes to a Higher Power.

On September 19, Uranus and Pluto will form the second of seven exact squares, catalyzing sudden changes, whipping up emotions and offering the potential for liberation. This square occurs just after Pluto stations (on September 17), turning forward after five months of retrograde motion. Pluto’s direct turn adds volatility to the mid-September time frame, as whatever has been held inside seeks an outlet. Because this is the opening square to the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-to-late Sixties, reforms that were seeded at that time will become more urgent, and hopefully more firmly rooted, over the next few years.

This New Moon broadcasts a call from your deeper self to improve your health and work habits, and calls for a close examination of the soil that sustains you. Could your garden use some fertilizing, weeding, or breaking up of tough dirt clods? Most of us are like novice gardeners—scattering seeds, trying different things, not sure what will yield results. It’s time to acknowledge that despite some failures, you’ve also experienced successes, whether great or small, since the spring. Write down these successes and celebrate them. Virgo likes making lists and tallying progress; it also supports regular practice—the dedication which slowly moves us in a new direction. Whether it’s a daily walk, a morning blessing before heading off to work, clearing clutter one drawer at a time, sending out resumes to find a more fulfilling job, or volunteering for a cause you believe in, small acts will yield big shifts over time.

If your planets are being activated by Uranus and Pluto, you may be in for some bigger changes that will revolutionize your life. Email me for a short Snapshot reading ($35) to find out how the current energies are affecting your chart. And, at this New Moon, be sure to clean, clear and activate your Health gua at the center of your home. For inspiration, check out my latest mini-video featuring Cassie and Ben, who used my suggestions to revitalize their health and work. Finally, here’s a Virgo ritual from my book, Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life, to help ground and relax you during this high-energy time.

© 2012 Simone Butler

# 5 – More on the powerful new moon from

Saturday’s New Moon is another in the long series of intense lunations that we have been experiencing lately. This time is especially so considering thatUranus and Pluto are making an exact hit of their long-running square only a few days later, on the night of the18th – at around midnight PDT, later of course to the East. Saturday’s lunation prefigures this later time, so that this weekend and all next week will be powerful. Pluto is also in the midst of making his September 17th station to direct motion, and is therefore far more poignantly configured, while the New Moon makes a strong declinational set of aspects to his partner in crime, Uranus.

We are all – still – really in for it, as the evolutionary pressure mounts yet again. We are likely to see surprising events, and transformational themes, continue to unfold as this climactic month begins to wind down and we turn our collective gaze toward the fall season.

Venus in the sky closely matches Pluto at this time, being just past her opposition to the Lord of the Underworld, planet of dark motivation and deep desire. Venus is also coming up on a square with Mars in Scorpio. These partner planets are therefore powerfully placed, and potently aspected, meaning that relationship issues of all kinds will be coming to a head with this weekend’s star patterns, as indeed they have been in the week leading up to Saturday. We do well to closely examine our motivations at this time, and to do our best to “take back the projection” of our own inner conflicts as they appear before us reflected in the behavior of others.

It is useful to remember as a wise psychologist once said, that you are never angry for the reason that you think you are. Our thoughts in general are suspicious characters that might or might not have an accurate grasp on reality; or at least not on one’s partner’s reality. Jupiter is powerfully constellated now, in aspect to several planets. Mars in particular is so strong at the moment that we might catch ourselves flying off the handle with no real reason; or at least not a reason that we can discern without taking a time-out for more careful study.

There is also a tendency at this time to over-do. Optimism flourishes. But this can be a benefit as well; since it is only by attempting to wildly reach for it that anything major gets accomplished. You just need to be careful about choosing your direction before launch. Make double-sure that you are heading along a constructive path, then throw caution to the winds and go ahead.

# 6 – And to tie in with today’s “pick,” here’s a quote from Panache to end on…

“I Hate Myself | I’m Not Good Enough |I’m Unloveable – Those are the three foundational conversations you’re having on an unconscious level throughout every moment of your life.

The key to changing the world, to changing your life, and to empowering those around you is authenticity – the willingness to be yourself – the willingness to be vulnerable – the willingness to feel – the willingness to live. I’m simply reminding you of who you truly are, supporting you into self-love and acceptance by eradicating the judgement that you’ve imposed on yourself and society has opposed on you.”~ Panache Desai

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Astrological update, Calling In “The One,” Andrew Cohen on meditation, Meditationfest starts, unleash your creativity and Abraham!


# 1 – On Thursday 9/13 at 5pm PDT, Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit of Evolving Wisdom….

will be hosting a free presentation titled Calling In “The One” to help you release hidden blocks you may have to experiencing the love and relationship(s) you desire.

#2 – Here’s an astrological update for the week from Chris Flisher at…

Week of September 10th, 2012

 We should continue to be deeply rooted in all Virgo-related themes this week. Orderliness, details, health, and research are all active themes. Mercury and the Moon also linger in Virgo so the Sun has good company. The global tone is that of service to others. Charitable causes may enter the spotlight and be used for political barter. We do have to ask though if the alignment with a charitable or compassionate cause isn’t self-serving in the end? Is there a suppressed reason? Perhaps the rationale is not so altruistic after all. This is the shadow work of Mars sneaking through its ruler, Scorpio. What is the motive of the leaders? Rhetoric can be an easy and empty distraction. Find the motives and you’ll find the truth.

How does this work for you?……see video  for extended forecast for the planet.

# 3 – Don’t forget Meditationfest starts today…

with Rebalancer and Abundance meditations. The series will feature guests such as Paul Scheele, Master Chunyi Lin and Swami Veda Bharati and will help you rediscover the original nature of your mind and body, create your moment-to-moment reality, and experience greater success and balance. And it’s FREE! You can sign up here.

And tomorrow Healing With the Masters starts season 10 with…

guests Panache Desai, Neale Donald Walsch, Rikka Zimmerman, Guy Finley, Drunvalo and other greats in the field of conscious evolution, spirituality, alternative health and personal development.

# 4 – Angela Stacker James is offering a free class in unleashing your creativity…

# 5 – Andrew Cohen on meditation, freedom and letting go of expectations….

“In the way that I teach meditation, the idea is to simply to assume a position of freedom from the very beginning. You’re not trying to create any particular experience. Experiences may come and go, but you are not seeking for experiences. You are just assuming the position of unconditional freedom, without any expectations . You are not trying to make anything happen because you have realized that you are already free. Think about it: If there are no expectations, what else could you be but free? But if there are expectations, gross or subtle, you will be unable to let go. Consciously or unconsciously, you will be convinced that something is missing and that something more needs to happen. If you truly have no expectations, you can let go completely, and then you will always find that you are free right now.”–Andrew Cohen

# 6 – And Abraham on happiness…

“Your happiness is the most significant contribution that you could make. In your reaching for happiness, you are opening a vortex which makes you an avenue for the Well-being to flow through you. And anything that is your object of attention under those conditions, benefits by the infusion of your Well-being.”— Abraham


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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