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# 1 – Sweet image; wise words…..

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# 2 – Humor and Mother Nature are always a great way to make the evolutionary process easier. This bird is doing a better job of telling his own story than Attenborough. :-)




# 3 – Lovely image and text…..

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# 4 – And check out the latest posts at Self-help Health. You’ll be wanting to buy lemons by the bag, avoid margarine like the plague and sign up for the free upcoming Holistic Oral Health Summit…..



# 5 – This is a great read for you animal lovers out there. I especially liked the info about the goats and the hen and her eggs/chickens…..



# 6 – Some stimulation from Osho….

MAN CREATES HIS OWN CONFUSION just because he goes on rejecting himself, condemning himself, not accepting himself. Then a chain of confusion, inner chaos, and misery is created.

WHY DON’T YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE? What is wrong? The whole of existence accepts you as you are, but you don’t.

YOU HAVE SOME IDEAL TO ACHIEVE. That ideal is always in the future — it has to be; no ideal can be in the present. And the future is nowhere; it is not yet born. But because of the ideal, you live in the future — which is nothing but a dream. Because of the ideal, you cannot live here and now. Because of the ideal, you condemn yourself.

ALL IDEOLOGIES, ALL IDEALS, ARE CONDEMNATORY because they create an image in the mind. And when you go on comparing yourself with that image, you will always feel that something is lacking, something is missing.

NOTHING IS LACKING, and nothing is missing. You are perfect as far as there is any possibility of perfection.



# 7 – And more stimulation, this time from Abe…..

Sometimes after waiting for a long time for something wanted to happen you tell yourself that you just need to be more patient. But you do not need patience when you understand the laws of the universe, because deliberately understand of these laws, and response to these laws, will bring you speedy results. — Abraham



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#1 – A sweet one someone shared on my FB feed on Valentine’s Day….

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(image by Richard Austin)


# 2 – Here’s what I think is a great resource……

Free download of 4 hrs (11 tracks) worth of music and ambient sounds (no vocals or drums) created by the gifted artist Moby. He originally created the music for himself over several years and then recently decided to make it available to everyone. Great background music for yoga, meditation, sleep or whenever you want some soothing, healing vibes playing in your environment:

(If you want to listen to the whole 4 hours on YouTube and don’t mind a 14 second ad at the beginning, you can go here:


# 3 – Ummm, yes, nothing like feeling so comfortable with yourself and someone else that there’s no need for words….

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# 4 – Oh, this will stimulate some brain cells….

“It may look as if the situation is creating the suffering, but ultimately this is not so – your resistance is.”— Eckhart Tolle


# 5 – Love this image and text….

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“There is a window from one Heart to another Heart.” ~ Rumi
Image : V. Uthairam


# 6 – Three free alternative health series… on cleansing and detoxification, another on heart health, and the last one on acupressure…..


# 7 – Ah, the ole flawed premise catch-22. Another good one from Abe…..

Flawed Premises Can Attract True Unwanted Evidence... Flawed premises that you have picked up along your physical trail can fall by the wayside, one by one, and you can return to the understanding that is at the core of that which you are. (But in order to discover or understand a false or flawed premise, you have to stand back far enough and reconnect with who-you-really-are before you can see it.) If you were to hear a false premise again and again, until you yourself began to believe and repeat it, now your own activation of the contradictory Vibration would interfere with your own sense of intelligence, and you would begin to attract evidence of your lack of intelligence, in effect proving the false premise to be true. And so, it becomes increasingly hard for you to call this a “false” premise when the evidence seems to be telling you that it is true, for over time you come to believe it is true. Abraham


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OMG! Need I say more?!



# 1 – And another wow! Mother Nature has such a great imagination. :-)


# 2 – A feast for the senses…..


# 3 – A sweet being shared something recently with me ( thanks Rekha!) called “The Layman’s 10 Commandments. Here’s some of the list….

1. Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble, but it is a “steering wheel” that directs the right path throughout the journey.

2. So why is a car’s WINDSHIELD so large and the Rear View Mirror so small? Because our PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. So, Look Ahead and Move on.

3. Friendship is like a BOOK. It takes a few minutes to burn, but it takes years to write.

4. All things in life are temporary. If they’re going well, enjoy them… they will not last forever. If they’re going wrong, don’t worry… they can’t last long either.

5. A blind person asked St. Anthony: “Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight?” He replied, “Yes, losing your vision!”

6. WORRYING does not take away tomorrow’s TROUBLES… it takes away today’s PEACE.


# 4 – Wenda of Health, Wellness and Success has written a stimulating and thought-provoking post about how to be a super hero. I dare you to read it and not be inspired!


# 5 – And check these latest posts at Self-help Health for ways to strengthen your immune system….




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Be here NOW, gift economies, veggie leather, a foxy tale/tail, cleansing tonic, Bodies of Light, and Abraham


# 1 – Got to love Tolle’s wisdom and insight….


# 2 – With the recent holiday season often turning out to be all about spending money, this is a refreshing article about ways of creating good-will, often without spending a dime…

# 3 – Good news for animal lovers and a great idea. Love that the material can be composted in the end….

And some sweet pics of a relationship between a dog and a fox….

# 4 – With this being cold and flue season in my part of the country, plus the over-doing that often happens during the holidays, this might be the perfect time to mix up a batch of this Super Cleansing Tonic from True Earth Mama….

And don’t forget to sign up for  your free copy of Mama’s e-book of natural body care recipes:

# 5 – This Wednesday, January 8th at 5:30 pm Pacific, Shift Network’s favorite teacher Barbara Marx Hubbard will present: Integrating Our Bodies of Light: The Next Phase of the Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary…..  

Barbara continues to receive new information on the merging of our divinity and our humanity in global consciousness for creating a whole new pattern for life.  This event will serve as a lead-in to the next group for Barbara’s latest Shift course: Generation One.

You can sign up for the free call here.

# 6 – And Abraham simplifies the Law of Attraction/Allowing….

The more in vibrational sync you are with who you really are, then the more you are allowing only those things that you’re wanting, and the less resistance there is. And the less resistance there is, then the less delay between the idea of the thought and the receiving of it.



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Daily Evolver, living clay tele-seminar, animal friends, for or against, and programming DNA


I initially had this article in the “tips” section, but am hoping that changing it to a “pick” will inspire more people to take the time to read it. It’s fairly long, but full of interesting, amazing and reality-chattering stuff. What connection do an ant colony, a man’s dreams, wormholes, language and DNA have? Read this and find out!


# 1 – I just found out about this tip. Sounds like a great resource to know about…

The Daily Evolver LIVE : FREE Weekly Call with Jeff Salzman
Every Tuesday Night, 7PM MST

Think the world is going to hell? Tired of the same old left/right, good/bad, yes/no arguments? Want to throw your shoe at the shouting heads on cable news?

Then join us for a live weekly conference where we explore current events from an integral perspective. Every Tuesday night at 7pm MT (9ET/6PT) host Jeff Salzman looks at the news in politics, the economy, culture, science and spirituality with an eye towards spotting the upflow of human consciousness and culture.

You can listen to these live calls for freeand recordings of each week’s calls are available to Premium Members. Register to receive reminders for each week’s call, and for the opportunity to ask questions during the call or propose topics for Jeff to cover.

Sign up now and get a weekly cure to the news blues!

# 2 – Did you know that offers free tele-seminars?

You can either join by phone or directly on your computer. For more information on these  events, visit their website: To listen to recordings of previous teleseminars, visit the website.

And join them on Thursday, June 13th, at 12:00 noon central time for their Live Well Lifestyle Teleseminar. Practice living from unconditional love, respect, joy, laughter and integrity. Letting go of worry, stress, futurizing, pasturizing, assumptions and the need to control others. Being free of mental suffering and being at peace with all things. Learning to manifest, set intentions, dream build, meditate, and live from joy.

For more info:

Want a pure clay  for taking detoxing clay baths that doesn’t clog your drains? Check out Even Better Now.

# 3 – Something for you animal lovers out there and proof that friendship sometimes coming in strange packages….

# 4 –  Something to think about from Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness

When you choose, do you choose for you or against others?
That’s the lie there. You don’t have to choose against others to choose for you. This is pretty much what we teach children. That’s why teenagers start to fight against you because they’re wanting their own point of view.

If there was no force against you, who would you choose to be?~Gary Douglas

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Star stuff, a talking dog, cleansing tonic, ocean clean-up, the spirit of money, Personal Transformation Summit and more!



This is really cute and a good laugh always helps bring more ease to the evolutionary process….


# 1 – A recipe for an organic super cleansing tonic using one of my favorite natural health aids, apple cider vinegar….

(For more on the benefits and uses of ACV (apple cider vinegar), visit my website’s To Your Health page.)

# 2 – The Shift Network is sponsoring a free presentation by Edward Mills about how to embrace the spirit of money for true abundance…

The free call is on Wednesday, May 8th, but register even if you can’t make it because there will be a recording available—so you don’t miss out!

On this call you’re going to:

    •    Learn a fun and simple technique to disconnect your Self-Worth from your Net-Worth
•    Activate a profound somatic/kinesthetic connection to TRUE Abundance
•    Discover a tool that will make your daily money “practice” just as spiritual as your meditation practice
•    Learn an easy “mind-hack” that short-circuits fear and doubt—empowering you to take the actions that lead to abundance

And Edward is giving away some bonuses just for signing up, including the Abundant Mystic interview he did with Marci Shimoff, plus the transcript, call summary, a toolbox and Take Action Guide. You’ll get instant access to all of this just for registering for the call!

# 3 – Join many of today’s leading visionaries at the free on-line Personal Transformation Summit hosted by Mark Porteous…

The summit started on the 6th, but you can still sign up; it runs through May 31st. You will:

  • Meet amazing visionaries,
  • Hear their stories of personal transformation,
  • Learn from their experience
  • Learn powerful tools to be the change you want to see in the world!

# 4 – Yea! Another innovative idea coming forward to help clean up the planet…

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Fractal image, clarity & sharing, toxic overload, solar power, teeth whitening tip, and Abraham


Wow, what a gorgeous image by Brian Exton….

When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves……–William Arthur Ward


# 1 – Stimulation and insights from Gary Zukav….


What you share is not as important as why you share it.  For example, sharing with the intention to impress people with your generosity, intelligence, or good nature is not the same as sharing with the intention to support another with no strings attached, or sharing because sharing with love is healing and natural to us, or consciously sharing with love your presence with others.  Your intention for sharing determines the consequences of your sharing and your experiences of sharing.
Clarity allows you  to identify your intentions, distinguish among them, and to understand their effects.  When you share to change someone so that you will feel better about yourself or safe, you strive to manipulate and control.  You pursue external power.  This creates painful and destructive consequences.  When you share to contribute to Life without thought of self-benefit, or share from your heartwithout second agendas that benefit you first and others second, or share the compassion,wisdom, and love that you were born to share, your frequency increases, you shine brighter, and your choices contribute constructively to the collective consciousness.
You are a micro of a macro. Your soul is a micro of the soul of humankind.  This is sometimes called the collective unconscious of humanity, but it is not that.  It is the soul of humanity.  You cannot change the macro without first changing the micro.  You cannot diminish exploitation in the macro while that same energy exists in you.  As you change the micro, you simultaneously change the macro of which you are part and to which you are intimately bound.  You create the world that you want to see, choice by choice, with the force of your own will applied in the only way that can produce permanent and constructive results – to the conscious and constructive transformation of yourself.
This is the creation of authentic power.  The transformation that you create in yourself simultaneously contributes to the transformation of humanity.  Clarity enables you to make and understand these transformations in yourself and to contribute them to the world.  Ultimately, these are the contributions you were born to make.

Will you comment on

# 2 – Here’s a great tip from the Living Clay newsletter…

Teeth Whitening with Clay

I’m truly loving my living clay. One of my success stories using living clay is as a mouthwash. I’ve been using a combination of Liquid Clay and Oil of Oregano. The recipe is below. I started swishing it around my mouth for 5/10/15 minutes once and/or twice a day.

I always wanted to find something natural to whiten my teeth. I tried different things such as baking soda but never have I seen such a dramatic shift. I wish I had a before/after picture. My wife was shocked and wanted to know my secret. My teeth are completely white inside and outside. All the brown looking and discoloration inside and outside of my teeth are all gone. I also saved expensive whitening treatments.

Clay/Oil Of Oregano Recipe: 2 cups of liquid clay (a little bit thicker than liquid clay by adding more powdered clay) Add 15 -20 drops of Oil of Oregano. Oil of oregano is a powerful pathogenic killer. You might feel some burning sensation during swishing which is okay. This means Oil of Oregano is killing bacteria, viruses,…etc. Swish around for 5/10/15 minutes once or twice a day depending on your time and see magic happens.

As a bonus my teeth are so germ free that it feels like I see a hygienist everyday. I also use Clay paste with added oil of oregano as my tooth paste. It’s wonderful. Even so called natural tooth paste in health stores have some ingredients I don’t like to use so I make my own tooth paste and mouthwash. It’s a lot cheaper and healthier. – Moe E.

(Check out my 4/20/11, 11/2/11, 2/13/12 and 4/3/13 posts for more on clay and it’s many uses and benefits, both internally and externally.)

# 3 – And here’s some shocking results from a Dateline TV correspondent on the overload of chemical toxins you may be exposing yourself to….

# 4 – Wow, another innovative, eco-friendly idea/invention! Keep ’em coming!

# 5 – And from Abraham…

Complaining about anything holds you in the place of refusing to receive the things you’ve been asking for. Justifying about anything holds you in the place of refusing to let in the very things that you’ve been asking for. Blaming someone holds you in the place of refusing to let in the things that you’ve been asking for. Feeling guilty, feeling angry, it doesn’t matter what you call it; it is a refusal, not a conscious one. You’re asking; you can’t help but ask. The Universe is yielding; it must yield. It’s a big question, folks: why aren’t you letting it in?— Abraham

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