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#1-  An article by The Wealthy Spirit author Chellie Campbell that you may be able to relate to. I know there have been times when I could….

Don’t some inspirational articles just tick you off?

A networking friend of mine named Karen was just chatting online with a fellow member about moving your life forward and the challenges therein, and she told her to avoid articles on following your passions and living life to the fullest.

She said, “I appreciate the sentiment, I really do, but I find I am more depressed after reading them. I do not need an article to tell me I have potential beyond the now. Reading said article just reinforces that I am not beyond my now. Reading about how amazing people are living beyond their yesterdays and doing amazing things in their amazing apartments/houses with their amazing companies in their amazing wardrobes and keeping amazing work/life balances is also not helping. They may as well just sign the article “neener neener neener – you suck!”

I do like articles on how people schedule their time or things they put in their week/day that keep them on track. Like I just read one where a guy gets up at 4:30am just to have a few hours to do things he wants to do in his day and get that one big ugly task out of the way before all the emails start coming in and taking away his focus.

She finished by asking the other members of the group “What do you think, Ladies? Am I internalizing this too much? Do I just need to seize the day and read a stack of Oprah Magazines? Or do you find these as patronizing as I do?”

Karen always makes me laugh – and makes me think, too.

So I chimed in with this:

Thanks for your note about “inspirational articles” – your takes on things like this are always so refreshingly honest and I appreciate that very much!

As an author of “inspirational articles myself, I read a lot of them and have been a reader of self-help books for many years. Like you, I feel that the articles that just talk about someone’s amazing talent, amazing luck, and amazing riches just make me feel bad about myself. “Why aren’t I as rich and famous as Suze Orman??” etc. “Why wasn’t I born beautiful like Elizabeth Taylor?” “Why don’t I have a great singing voice like Carrie Underwood?” Yeah, well, not my path this life I guess, and there isn’t anything in those articles that will get me the goodies that those who have extraordinary talents and abilities have.

But I don’t consider those inspirational articles. They are just public relations notices so that the individual being profiled can sell more products and services.

The articles I really appreciate and consider inspirational are the ones where someone talks about a problem they had and how they overcame it. I love reading the biographies of famous, successful people who talk about their early difficulties getting started, or how they failed several times before they succeeded, or how they overcame an addiction. Because we can learn so much from that – how to keep on trying when it gets hard, how to plan your future success regardless of your current circumstances, how to learn and grow through the rough patches on the road of life.

I like articles and books that not only inspire, but teach me something – how to “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” (great book by Susan Jeffers), or how “When I Say No I Feel Guilty” (by Manuel Smith) keeps me from being assertive enough to get what I want. When I was trying to find a publisher for “The Wealthy Spirit” and getting rejected over and over again, I got a little book called “Rotten Reviews and Rejections” by Bill Henderson and Andre Bernard filled with wonderfully bad notices and rejections for some incredibly successful books (like this rejection for “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck: “Regret the American public is not interested on anything on China”…!!!) Those stories helped me realize that everyone has their detractors and people who just don’t “get” them. And I’d get up and try again the next day, looking for “My People” who were in alignment with my ideas. Everyone has their supporters, too, and if you just keep searching and never give up, you’ll find them.

I am hungry for motivational articles. I want to read them every day. I want to cry, laugh, and learn. I want to be inspired to dream a dream of what I might accomplish. Reading articles that can help motivate me to get up, get busy, and get to work to turn the dream into reality is part of my daily action plan. That’s why I wrote “The Wealthy Spirit” as a page-a-day book – not just to help others, but to help myself. I need the daily dose of inspiration and constant reminders, or I’ll just go off and watch television or read a book about someone else’s adventures and accomplishments. But if I want to have adventures and accomplishments of my own, I have to get up off the couch, get busy and get into action to create it!

I am happiest when I have a goal and a plan to reach the goal and am in action to make it happen. That’s what gives order and spice to each day. And the good kind of inspirational articles help give me more energy, wisdom and tools to do that.

What do you think? What articles inspire you and which ones just tick you off?

Love and blessings,


Chellie Campbell is the creator of the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops, and author of The Wealthy Spiritand Zero to Zillionaire. She has been prominently quoted as a financial expert in the Los Angeles Times, Good Housekeeping, Lifetime, Essence, Woman’s World and more than 50 popular books. She can be reached at Chellie@chellie.com

# 2 –  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything giving an update on the radiation situation.  It’s certainly not a fun topic, but I feel it’s  good to be informed, plus aware that the planet and Mother Nature still very much need our support…




# 3 – And speaking of Mother Nature, here She is expressing Herself as The Maldives. What can we do to insure that we will always have beautiful places like this to enjoy?


# 4 – A good one to post after Tip # 2 because it’s fairly easy to feel anxious or fearful after reading the articles mentioned there….


# 5 – A message from Deva Premal & Mitan, offering a free download of Guru Brahma Mantra…

Hi friends, in the East, the full moon in July (Monday, July 22 this year) is celebrated as Gurupurnima Day, a day to honor the enlightened ones from all traditions, those who support us on the journey from darkness to light. In honor of this auspicious day, we are offering Guru Brahma Mantra (Devotion) from our album “A Deeper Light” as a free download for the next ten days, July 20-30http://www.devapremalmiten.com/music/downloads/download-free-copy-of-guru-brahma.
Join us in chanting it to honor the Blessed Ones, who, with their great compassion, light our journey home.

With love,
Deva & Miten

# 6 – Another good one from honest Abe….

“When you find vibrational alignment with You, you personally thrive. You feel good; you look good; you have stamina; you have energy; you have balance; you have clarity; you have wit; you have abundance of all things that you consider to be good. You thrive in all ways when you come into Energy Balance with You. Vibrational Relativity – that’s what it’s all about.”—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Self care tips, Guy Finley, fish facts, good advice, free DVD, and being free


# 1 – 

# 2 – Some stimulating answers from Guy Finley to a couple of readers’ questions…

Is there a way we can know we are ready to teach others? I have tried and found I normally make things worse. How do I find the balance between the urge to help and when to be quiet?

It is the essence of our lives that determines the relationships we have with others. Teaching is a lot simpler than we imagine. For instance, what do we teach others when we are angry or anxious? What do we teach others when they see us afraid of some news? This is one level of teaching. On the other hand, there are natural times when (and this is important to note) someone you know will actually ask you for some insight or help. Then not only is it natural, but necessary, that you give what “water” you can to ease their thirst. Under no circumstances should you try to teach others anything they haven’t asked for. This kind of teaching comes from the wrong parts of ourselves and is a secret act of aggression and arrogance. Learn to taste the difference. The Truth will take care of the rest.

What mistake can there be in presenting a few truths to others with the hope that the ideas will help them with their spiritual development? Must they be “receptive”?

There are laws that govern all things, including our own development as well as that of others. Sometimes the most difficult, yet most true, thing we can do in the moment is to let others learn what is true for themselves. Sometimes we attempt to “help others” because we are unconsciously trying to change them according to our own ideas of what they should be like. When we do this, it not only creates resistance in the person we address, but it keeps us asleep to our own interior and misguided ambitions. We must all learn to be awake around others so that we can learn to feel whether or not what that person asks is arising from a genuine wish to know.

BTW, if you would like a free Welcome Kit from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation go here.

# 3 – Wow, I’d heard that it was better to eat wild salmon than farmed salmon, but really didn’t know much about the why of it. This article is an eye-opener. If you eat fish, you should read this….


# 4 – Act fast and you could get a free copy of the DVD Hungry For Change (a $25 value) with any order you place at Yoga Body Naturals. Just use the code “hungry”; offer good while supply lasts. Also check out all the great free resources available at YBN while you’re there.

# 5 – Great pic, good advice…

# 6 – A good read by Tama Kieves on “being free and being me,” which begs the question “What does success really mean to you?”….


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Connected, David Wilcock interview, Cancer new moon, solar grills, and Abraham

I know I did a post yesterday and usually I wait a few days before doing another, but I really wanted to get the info about the current new moon phase out to people in a timely manner. We are in the midst of some potent astrological configurations these days, and will be for awhile (see  one of my previous posts on the 2013 Grand Water Trine), and it’s always helpful to know what energies are at play so we can make the most of them. So take heed. :-)….



# 1 – Here’s an interesting, stimulating article featuring an interview with David Wilcock taken from the Om Times newsletter…


# 2 – A take on the current Cancer new moon, Mercury retrograde, and other astrological happenings, from Henry Seltzer at astrograph.com….


by Henry Seltzer

Monday’s New Moon, which happens midnight Sunday on the west coast, early Monday morning on the east coast and Europe, takes place in the middle of sensitive Cancer, and in the heart as well of the Mercury Retrograde period. This lunation comes along at one extreme peak of the entire Mercury Retrograde, taking place as it does with the Sun and Moon in conjunction with Mercury, as it moves backward through Cancer, and accompanied as it is by the grand trine of JupiterSaturn and Neptune in Water signs, with Saturn stationing to direct motion.

The station direct of Saturn is extremely significant, making the Mercury Retrograde that much more intense, especially since the station happens so near the time of the New Moon, taking place a mere two hours before it. This station is what has made the trine between Saturn and Neptune last so long, these two being within one half of a degree of exact trine since the beginning of June, and lasting at this extent of closeness all the way through to the end of July. Saturn with Neptune on the one hand brings grounding to our dreams and schemes, and on the other throws the monkey wrench of fuzziness and overly imaginative thinking into our concrete planning.

These factors are likely to continue as long as the period of the Mercury Retrograde will last, from late June to July 20th, and on into the time of Mercury‘s retrograde shadow, two more weeks after its three weeks of backwards motion. With Saturn so emphasized, it is just a little harder now to make anything happen, which blends nicely with the frustration-inducing moments that are the hallmark of the Mercury Retrograde period itself.

The grand water trine is also particularly active now, through to past the middle of July, with Jupiter just a few degrees off the trine to both Saturn and Neptune, and closing. This has consequences for our own understanding of ourselves at deep levels, as symbolized by the strong Water emphasis, including the potential loss of faith in what we thought that we could count on. The upside is the possibility of faith in the largely unseen and, consciously at least, unknown elements of the bigger picture of our lives, residing in the very depths of us. The collective also reflects this symbolism, as secrets come to light, witness the NSA wiretapping scandal, with confusion as to motive of both government (Saturn) and perhaps idealistic whistle-blower, and with deception (also Neptune) potentially involved at either end of the equation.

As mentioned above, Saturn is standing still in the sky at time of this New Moon and new beginning. Saturnrepresents structure, what we can most depend on, and, in this association with Cancer, represents home and family structure as well, which might appear to be in mild or more major convulsion. Surprises are also likely, with Venus closely trine Uranus in the New Moon configuration, also the possibility of surprising enlightenment. With luck, as existing structures dissolve or are called into question, we might be able to forge new structures to replace them, based on a wider appreciation of the magic that the cosmos, and that we ourselves, when we try our best, can manage to bring to the table.

# 3 – Another insightful article on the potency of this astrological period and how best to create some magic. Love where she writes “Your true destiny is designed to be revealed when you follow your heart as it beats in harmony with universal energies.”


Cancer New Moon: Blood Lightning!

By  · July 3, 2013

The ancient Mayans were aware of an energy that connects each living being to heaven. They called this energy Eb, or blood lightning—the vital force which drives consciousness. When I first heard the term, I was so taken with it that I decided to call the movie I’m writing Blood Lightning. It seemed appropriate to my theme of a young woman coming into her spiritual power during the tumultuous period of 1850s New Orleans.  And now, just as we enter the Eb Trecena (July 1 – 14), which calls forth blood lightning, the screenplay is finally taking a deeper turn and building power, after many starts and stops.

According to the Mayans, Eb helps us connect our physical and spiritual beings, synchronize our hearts with Earth’s natural rhythms and gather energies within. Carlos Barrios says of this period, “Your true destiny is designed to be revealed when you follow your heart as it beats in harmony with universal energies.”

Can you feel this energy building? It corresponds with the magical Grand Water Trinebetween Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Saturn which is taking shape in the heavens. Though this trine won’t be exact until July 17-22, its power can already be felt. We’re sure to experience it at the July 8 Cancer New Moon (12:14 a.m. PDT), when the Sun and Moon embrace in the sign of the Great Mother, trine the North Node (destiny) in potent Scorpio. This powerful trine is a prelude to the Grand Water Trine, which unites Jupiter in Cancer (emotional truth), Saturn in Scorpio (karmic rectification) and Neptune in Pisces (heavenly bliss). All greatly energized by Mars conjunct Jupiter at the July 22 Full Moon. So, by tapping into our emotional truth, we can rectify old wrongs and climb the ladder to heaven, or fulfillment.

Though that may sound grandiose, the power of this energy is not to be scoffed at.Big changes are possible with very little effort this month. Heavenly aid is amazingly close and magic is available in a way that seldom happens. If this Grand Trine should fall near your birthday, as it does for me, the year ahead is bound to be one of advancement and good fortune (it activates my Mercury, so I’m looking forward to selling that screenplay!). Even if it’s not your birthday, any planets you have around 5 degrees of water signs will be greatly energized. This also applies to the houses in which the Grand Trine falls.

The key to all this potential good fortune is the nurturing of your emotional body. If you’ve been disregarding your feelings and soldiering on, it’s time to have a truth session with yourself. A core belief is probably holding you back from having what you want. Saturn in Scorpio pulls us to examine the root cause of our behaviors, so we can turn things around—especially in relationships and finances. Gather your energies and make any needed adjustments while Mercury is still retrograde through July 20. Then, as the July 22 Full Moon brings things to fruition, you’re apt to see some miraculous results.

# 4 – I love all these great innovative, eco-friendly ideas and products coming forward! I wonder what else is possible?! :-)

Solar Grills/heaters!
David Wilson, a professor at MIT, came up with this baby barbecue requiring no use of firewood, coal, gas or electricity to operate. The futuristic-looking contraption serves both for grilling, cooking or heating food, and it also serves as a space heater, using only solar energy. Battery life of about 25 hours between recharging. This means that the energy stored in a single day in the sun can be used throughout the night and the next day. Perfect for outdoor cooking in large cities, but especially rural and remote communities.

# 5 – And from good ole Abe….

“That’s why so many of us teach meditation. Because when you stop thought, you stop resistant thought. When you stop resistant thought, then you let it in. That’s why we teach appreciation, because when you’re in appreciation, you are not in the mode of resistance, and you are letting it in.”-–Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Experience, the little doggie that could, your dash, free Digital Coffee, Love-Powered Evolutionary, and Abraham


# 1 – 

# 2 –  What a great, uplifting story. Grab your hankies, animal lovers, this one’s sure to make you cry some happy tears…


# 3 – A short,  inspiring  video on how life is about how we spend our “dash,” not our cash…


# 4 – Hmmm, this doesn’t surprise me at all…


# 5 – Get a free download of a brainwave entrainment audio called “Digital Coffee” that is designed to….

help you ramp up your brain power, boost your creativity, reduce stress, anxiety, tension and worry, boost your energy level, sharpen your intuition, get into a deep relaxing meditative state of mind and much more. Wow!


# 6 – The Shift Network is sponsoring a free event for all you evolutionaries out there…

Are you a conscious change agent, here to help us shift to a new way of being that is healthy, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous? If so, you’re an evolutionary!

Unlike the revolutions of old that were built on violence, the evolution of today is based on love. That’s why I’m excited to invite you to a free teleseminar event called The Love-Powered EvolutionaryFour Leadership Keys To Activate the Age of the Heart, and it features bestselling author Anodea Judith.

Anodea is best known as the world-leading expert on chakras but she’s also a big-picture visionary with a deep understanding of history and our moment in time. In this event she will illuminate essential foundations for leadership, drawing upon her forthcoming book, The Global Heart Awakens, about which Bruce Lipton said, “Read this book and help save the world.”

If you join Tuesday’s free event, you’ll get key insights for:

  • Liberating Your Vision
  • Building Bridges from the Old
  • Awakening Your Heart and Healing Polarizations
  • Committing to Embodied Master

  You can get your complimentary access here.

# 7 – And some input from Abraham…

“Your emotion, your indicator of vibration, is indicating the ratio between your currently focused desire and any other belief or thought that you hold about same. When you feel negative emotion, anger about something, or fear… the name of the emotion does not matter, it always means that there is a desire within you that, in this moment, you are contradicting with some other thought.

Your emotions are always about your relationship with your own desire, and nothing else.”—Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Count your blessings, stem cell research, improved intelligence, Energy Codes, super full moon, and Abraham


# 1 – Good advice….

# 2 – Wow, here’s an interesting story that about finding a certain type of stem cell in fat tissue that could mean new hope for burn victims and others…. 


# 3 – Another interesting article about one “trick” that could change your intelligence. I love the last 2 lines of it where it says “Don’t be distracted by the obvious. Go deeper, not by seeing more, but by seeing what matters.” Sounds like good advice for how to lead your life in general.


# 4 – The Shift Network is sponsoring another great free event

Ever wish the whole “transformation and enlightenment” thing could be a little more practical, a little more straightforward and simple to actually do? If so, here’s an opportunity to connect with someone who’s not only a powerful mystic and teacher of divine truth but also a profoundly practical, results oriented healer.
Her name is Dr. Sue Morter, and she’s considered by many to be the world’s leading science, spirit and human possibility expert.  Her “fans” include Rev. Michael Beckwith, Stephen Dinan and a host of other leading luminaries (and me…I always enjoy listening to her).

“Dr. Sue” has teamed up with The Shift Network to share with you the latest evolution of her life’s work in a free call happening Wednesday, June 26th at 5:30 pm Pacific titled: Discovering Your Energy Codes™: 4 Secrets to Clearing the Way for the Powerful Creator in You!  You CAN shape your life when you release the interference and discover how to tap into The Energy Codes™ of your divine power, and Dr. Sue will help you do it. You can learn more and sign up here.

# 5 –  Are you ready for Super Moon Sunday?!

Summer Solstice and Full Super Moon 2013: Heart, Soul, and Summer Flowers

Summer Solstice: June 21, 2013, 1:04 am EDT.

Full Super Moon: June 23, 2013, 7:32 am EDT. 2 degrees Capricorn.

(From aeprilsastrology.com) If there ever was a time when we could communicate our hearts with Love, and be well received for doing so, now is that time. The Full Moon is always about relationships, the balancing of the Solar and Lunar, the Masculine and Feminine; and Summer Solstice is about blooming. Relationships can get a boost now with right communication. The Super moon brings the moon closer to earth than normal. This is a big Moon, and coinciding with the Summer Solstice, it packs quite a lovely punch!

Both the Solstice and the Full Moon (two days later) have a Grand Trine formation, which are gifts from the gods. But again, they are only gifts if we use them; Grand Trines are opportunities to have things go very well, but they can easily sit dormant if not “lit up”, so to speak. This Grand Trine is in water signs, and therefore is in the realm of emotion and feeling. Remember, the Knight has to DO something to win the Graal, she doesn’t just show up and come along when he snaps his fingers! There is a test; he must prove himself worthy. But this is a portal.
For both events, Jupiter is conjunct the Sun, giving us an extra boost of energy. This is a solar and heroic energy, perfect for the beginning of Summer! We might feel extra generous and expansive, especially with the expression and enthusiasm of our feelings. Lilith is involved in this conjunction as well; anything that has been a source of frustration or heartache can be expressed, and, thereby, possibly transformed. Feelings and thoughts that have been kept on the outside, for any reason, have a chance to be included and heard. The energy between the Solar masculine and the Dark Feminine has Tantric potential now.
Venus and Mercury conjunct in Cancer supports loving dialogue, fusing the Goddess of Love with the God of Messages and Communication. There is a collective ability to speak with care and nurturance, and to also listen with the same. On Friday (Solstice) the Moon is trine Neptune and Saturn, creating balance and harmony. Some relationships can reach new places of love and understanding. Deep healing can happen now. It is of the utmost importance to be as authentic as possible. Sugar coating or pretending in order to avoid a confrontation is not the same as cooperation and true harmony. If something is deeply out of alignment or missing within a relationship, or it is successfully near completion, there may be little that can be said or done to “fix” it. In this case, this transiting influence is a time to talk about this fact with great love, respect, and kindness. On Sunday, the Full Super Moon is conjunct Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto. Pluto signifies depth and “getting to the bottom of things”. There is a yearning for ones very soul to be touched and acknowledged; mere domestic “getting along” won’t be enough for some. Still, we are entering a precious moment of balance.
The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is “A human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment”. The transition into Summer brings with it a call to not just think about doing, but to really do! This is a time of coming fully into the body, and experiencing life in real, tangible ways. Those of us who have dwelled in the world of possibility have an opportunity now to bring those ideas and fantasies into earthly translation. The fact of doing so, of course, defines and claims, which automatically limits possibility—or seems to. Really, there may be more possible than we’ve even been thinking! The Universe works in wondrous ways when we show a willingness to go forward! This is the alchemical moment of colagulation, when things take an actual form and shape. It can be scary for some, a relief for others, a little of both for many. The act of communication, of using words and saying, in as a ritual or spell or  intention setting, also claims and defines. The moment something comes out of ones mouth it is named, and therefore has taken a form. It makes it “real”, so to speak. The Full Moon in Capricorn Sabian symbol tells us that it is time for this “realness” to occur, to honor that which occupies our minds and feelings and say it out loud! Swim in it, dance it, paint it, act it, poet it, etc. Do you love? Say so. Our souls dry out without this.
Our human hearts are so very fragile. They are like the flowers that we see all around us as Spring turns into Summer. We remember and honor this about one another, and about ourselves, as the Summer months take us in their warm embrace.
“If a thing loves, it is infinite”—William Blake

# 5 – Ask, allow, receive. Short and sweet. :-)

You say, “May I have…” or, “I would really like to have…” or, “What I really want is…” and you can name anything under the sun that you can conjure, and the Universe calmly says, “Here it is,” because it is known by All-That-Is that anything that you desire—can be. So, “Yes, here it is.”-–Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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The art of blessing, Tumbleweed Homes, weight loss webinar, Generation One and more


I came across these words by Pierre Pradervand on the art of blessing a number of years ago and like to reread them periodically. Never fails to put me in a more expanded, compassionate state of mind….

The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand

On awakening, bless this day, for it is already full of unseen good which your blessings will call forth;
for to bless is to acknowledge the unlimited good that is embedded in the very texture of the universe
and awaiting each and all.

On passing people in the street, on the bus, in places of work and play, bless them. The peace of
your blessing will accompany them on their way and the aura of its gentle fragrance will be a light to
their path. On meeting and talking to people, bless them in their health, their work, their joy, their
relationships to God, themselves, and others.

Bless them in their abundance, their finances…bless them in every conceivable way, for such
blessings not only sow seeds of healing but one day will spring forth as flowers of joy in the waste
places of your own life. As you walk, bless the city in which you live, its government and teachers, its
nurses and street-sweepers, its children and bankers, its priests and prostitutes. The minute anyone
expresses the least aggression or unkindness to you, respond with a blessing: bless them totally,
sincerely, joyfully, for such blessings are a shield which protects them from the ignorance of their
misdeed, and deflects the arrow that was aimed at you.

To bless means to wish, unconditionally, total, unrestricted good for others and events from the
deepest wellspring in the innermost chamber of your heart: it means to hallow, to hold in reverence, to
behold with utter awe that which is always a gift from the Creator.

He who is hallowed by your blessing is set aside, consecrated, holy, whole. To bless is yet to invoke
divine care upon, to think or speak gratefully for, to confer happiness upon—although we ourselves
are never the bestower, but simply the joyful witnesses of Life’s abundance. To bless all without
discrimination of any sort is the ultimate form of giving, because those you bless will never know from
whence came the sudden ray of sun that burst through the clouds of their skies, and you will rarely be
a witness to the sunlight in their lives.

When something goes completely askew in your day, some unexpected event knocks down your plans
and you with them, burst into blessing: for life is teaching you a lesson, and the very event you believe
to be unwanted, you yourself called forth, so as to learn the lesson you might balk against were you
not to bless it. Trials are blessings in disguise, and hosts of angels follow in their path.

To bless is to acknowledge the omnipresent, universal beauty hidden to material eyes; it is to activate
that law of attraction which, from the furthest reaches of the universe, will bring into your life exactly
what you need to experience and enjoy.

When you pass a prison, mentally bless its inmates in their innocence and freedom, their gentleness,
pure essence and unconditional forgiveness; for one can only be prisoner of one’s self-image, and a
free man can walk unshackled in the courtyard of a jail, just as citizens of countries where freedom
reigns can be prisoners when fear lurks in their thoughts.

When you pass a hospital, bless its patients in their present wholeness, for even in their suffering, this
wholeness awaits in them to be discovered. When your eyes behold a man in tears, or seemingly
broken by life, bless him in his vitality and joy: for the material senses present but the inverted image
of the ultimate splendor and perfection which only the inner eye beholds.

It is impossible to bless and to judge at the same time. So hold constantly as a deep, hallowed,
intoned thought that desire to bless, for truly then shall you become a peacemaker, and one day you
shall, everywhere, behold the very face of God.

(From the book by Pierre Pradervand: The Gentle Art of Blessing – Living One’s Spirituality in Everyday


# 1 – Familiar with Tumbleweed Tiny Homes? They’re a great little idea (pun intended)!

Find out here about these eco-friendly “mini-habitats” and the plans you can buy for building your own.

# 2 – Jessica Ortner at The Tapping Solution is offering a free weight loss webinar

For many people thinking about their weight and how they feel about their body is a very emotional issue, especially for most women. Society puts a great deal of pressure on us to look good and be in shape. And unfortunately 2/3 of women in the United States alone are overweight, with 1/2 of  them being obese. That leads to a lot of frustrated women who are constantly going on a roller coaster ride of going from one diet to another, trying to find the magical solution. But if weight loss is such an emotional issue, why is the solution always to look at diet and exercise, and not to address the emotions?

Jessica Ortner, an EFT Tapping expert, is offering a webinar this week that you can attend called “The Biological Weight Loss Trap,” that goes into detail on the major role that our underlying emotions, beliefs and traumas play with our weight as well as our confidence in how we feel about our bodies. She shares some pretty shocking science and research that prove exactly why ignoring your emotions and only focusing on diet and exercise doesn’t work.

This webinar presentation will show you how to figure out what is going on in YOU that is preventing you
from releasing weight, and just as importantly, what is holding you back from feeling comfortable and confident in your body. You can find out more and sign up here.

# 3 – The Shift Network and Barbara Marx Hubbard have a new series starting today titled Generation One

This series is a 6-month course that will guide you into co-creating a world that works for you and everyone else. Guest presenters will include Michael Beckwith, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jean Houston, Barbara herself, and many others. For more details, go here.

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# 5  – And in keeping with the Pick of the Day, a quote about blessing…

“One of the greatest needs this planet has for healing is blessing. it is under blessed. Under blessed reality is like empty calories.A blessing enhances possibilities for good. Like an enzyme for growth, like a catalyst in a chemical process, blessings serve to help a living process surmount the barriers that obstruct it.”

~Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, from “Jewish With Feeling “


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Beautiful image and words…

And this…




# 1 – Yea!  Love to read news like this. Two of my favorite things, food and forests, combined. :-)


# 2 – A grateful heart is a happy heart. :-)

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. –Marcel Proust

And if you’re not already familiar with GratitudeLog.com, check it out. A great place to be grateful. :-)

# 3 – Let’s face it, I think just about everyone has limiting beliefs about money, even if they don’t think they do. So here’s something to help change all that….

Mind Movies is offering a free training with Natalie Ledwell that will help you finally shine light
on and then obliterate your self-limiting beliefs around money. I’m talking about those pesky “little monsters” that hide in your subconscious mind and block your success when it comes to boosting your income…and even from hitting your health and weight loss goals, creating more fulfilling relationships, and having overall fun and adventure in life. You can learn more and sign up here. I think you’ll receive access to a replay, if you can’t make the original presentation, plus, you’ll receive a free e-book on creating win-win situations. How does it get any better than that?!

# 4 – An insightful post by Tama Kieves on getting inspired when you feel anything but…


AND if you’d like more Tama and more support, sign up for her free “Tune-up, Takeoff” call on June 17th. Even if you can’t make the live call, a replay will be available to those who have registered.


# 5 – A short, but heart-warming animal story. Hope the lady gets to adopt the dog; sounds like a match made in heaven….



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