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David Wolfe’s recent presentation on The Wellness Revolution  titled “The 3 Keys to Boost Your Immunity, Accelerate Healing & Increase Longevity,” is available for a limited time in replay. I just listened to it myself and picked up some really good tips, so it’s not just a “tip,” put a “pick,” as well. The Jennifer McLean interview replay is also available, so if you haven’t already signed up for this free teleseminar series you need to do so as quickly as possible to gain access to these replays, plus you’ll want to take advantage of the serie’s bonuses and David’s bonus video on hormones. The Wellness Revolution continues through July 16th, so there’s still many top-name guests, such as Jo Dunning and Dr. Bernie Segal, you’ll want to have access to. 

The Wellness Revolution

And don’t forget that this evening is the free Qi Gong distance healing session. You can find out more details about the session and The Wellness Revolution in my 6/15 post.

And finally, here’s an article I really enjoyed…

Freedom or Death by Apollo Pampallis

This is the motto of the Greek Nation. It is taken to mean that one would rather die than live under the yoke of foreign occupation, so that risking or even losing one’s life fighting to that end would not only be heroic but an obvious choice.

However, this is a reactive interpretation. An assumption that we are victims of circumstance to the extent that ultimate victimhood, i.e. death, is a preferable, more honourable and more acceptable way of experiencing one’s victimhood.

This is reflected in religious rhetoric, with all the suffering, from those in the Old Testament, to Jesus dying for us and martyrdom of the saints.

Seen from a creative, self empowering perspective, however, “Freedom or Death” becomes more than a motto to live by, but a statement of unavoidable truth.

It links in with my first article on “Gratitude”  which I suggest you read as an introduction to see how obvious the relationship between freedom, death and gratitude really is.

Firstly let’s look at the word ‘freedom’. In Greek the word ‘eleutheria’ is far more meaningful. The word “freedom” alludes to a state of non dependence or subservience to anyone or anything. In truth, there is no such state. Even an anarchistic atheist is subservient to his “god”, his commitment to opposing the status quo and his belief that his philosophy is ‘correct’ and demands subservience. “Eleutheria”, by contrast, is not an assertion of negation of attachment such as ‘freedom’, but a positive statement of connection. It literally means “attraction and free flow of sacred/source energy”, so that such a person is aligned with universal energy beyond time and space, and thus not limited in our three dimensional temporality, or the illusion of time and space which our limited physical senses betray us into believing and being subservient to.

It is an ability to say “flip it” to any and all life circumstances and, with head up high, experience even the most uncomfortable, and most horrific life circumstances firstly with unconditional gratitude(not necessarily gratefulness- see Why Gratitude? for the difference). Only then do we allow ourselves the freedom to choose between dwelling on the terrible circumstance, like experiencing potential, imminent and unavoidable or unpreventable loss or danger or physical death to ourselves and/or loved ones or not. I have lived through poverty, homelessness, loss of all my most precious possessions. Being overrun by rats and not even being able to sleep. Others have lived through loss of their homes and family members in war and experienced horrendous concentration camp conditions and genocides, of whom the most known in the west in our time is Viktor Frankl.

The difference between ‘masters,’ ‘survivors’ and ‘victims’ of life is to what degree we are eleutheri/free, that is, connected primarily with “sacred (life) energy” or in other words our spiritual reality (source/cause) or the physical ‘reality’ we are going through (result/effect). The masters will experience ‘gratitude’ (great attitude) and power, regardless of physical circumstance, (literally things that stand around us in our lives) the survivors, being the great majority of us, will unconsciously drift between spiritual and physical realities without being aware of it, while victims identify fully with the material state of life, and are cut off from any sense of creative power, reacting unconsciously to the same circumstances, not realizing that circumstance is a state of effect of what we consciously or unconsciously create.

The tendency to increased ‘victim’ mentality needs to be acknowledged in all levels of our society, so that we can become aware of our own programming as we in turn reinforce this programming in a vicious self reinforcing cycle.

The institutions that own us and that we serve cut us off even further from our source than the identification with our physical reality. Physical reality is created from Source, and our nations and religions are created by ‘our’ egos, the egos of our physicality. In truth, you cannot identify with, and serve Source and at the same time identify with and be in bondage with such abstractions as nation states and religions which by definition stand between us and our spiritual reality, and as a consequence fellow humans and the rest of Creation.

The likes of Jesus and Socrates were neither victims or put to death, because as free spirits (eleutheri) they identified with their primary/Source reality which is not limited by time or space of the three dimensional world. They understood that in reality death is merely a belief of the body-bound ego. Real death is identifying with the body instead of owning it.

And that is really scary, as our bodies and the personality we have created around it is a temporary (meaning in time) creation designed to ‘die’ any how sooner or later.

They chose to let go of their bodies instead of their serene understanding of who they really were and are. The same applies to saints and martyrs who chose to let go of their bodies in the way that we let go of an old car. The vehicle no longer serves its owner. The operating costs outweigh any benefits it offers. The metal used in its making is best served recycled into a new car, as do the spiritual and physical/material components of a body which has served its purpose, irrespective of its age. The image of a Jesus pinned on a cross only serves to foster the illusion of death and suffering, whereas He chose to rather illustrate how the sacrifice (sacred fee) of His physical body bought the promise of eternal Life, together with the promise that we shall (at some point, not might) do better than He had in our own lives.

We are, indeed Spiritual Beings having a physical experience. And true ‘freedom’ is not the pursuit of total detachment, but of misidentification only with all things temporary (which by definition, die), things, people, ideologies, beliefs….. and re-membering our Source, allowing it to guide us in its service, and vice versa. After all, serving our Source is the best way to serve ourselves, and likewise Source/God serves itself best by serving us.  Something that is as easy to do as our willingness to do it.

Apollo Pampallis is a Life Mentor and can be contacted on Apollo@discoveringthenow.com. He is establishing new web pages in an exciting new alliance. For ongoing information, upcoming webinars, consultations, ebooks and other news please contact him on the above email

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Abraham on creating wellness, Dr. Mercola on vitamin D, Dr. Anthony on deliberate creation, and more!


Thanks to a tip from master EFTer David Childerley, here’s a great two-part video by Abraham-Hicks on our power to achieve quantum wellness:


Another video I really enjoyed recently was by Dr. Mercola on the six things your doctor isn’t telling you and the numerous benefits of vitamin D. One of the first posts I wrote was about D because I thought everyone should know what researchers were finding about this  nutritional “super star,” and it turns out it does even more than I thought!


There’s also an interesting video by Paul Stamets on how mushrooms save the world that I found fascinating:


Also, check out my updated “What’s New” page for information about a free audio and e-course from Dr. Robert Anthony, the Abundant Mystic teleseminar series on creating business success, and lots of other tips, picks, and free stuff!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

Jean Houston, Vishen Lakhiani, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and losing belly fat!


Tip #1: On Monday, January 25th (today), at 5:30pm PST, Women on the Edge of Evolution will be hosting a free live preview call, “Awakening to Your Highest Destiny” with Jean Houston, where they will introduce you to the heart of her current work and to her Mystery School 2010.

In the 75-minute preview call with Jean you’ll learn practical tools and wisdom to begin to awaken to your highest destiny:

  • How to activate the inner direction that illumines your life and spirit with a light that can never be extinguished
  • How to renew and deepen your unique spiritual knowing and wisdom
  • How to accelerate exciting, new, creative capacities for understanding and acting on your higher purpose
  • The ability to ride the winds of change with flexibility, courage and exquisite grace
  • How to identify the essential codes, archetypal patterns and guidance that impact your life
  • How to assist in stewardship for our world at this time
  • Learn how to shock the future and evolve the imagination
  • Become a co-creator in a higher design
  • Overcome cultural conditioning and low-level expectations
  • Develop strategies that hold you to your higher purpose – transcending sloth at all levels
 Go to www.womenontheedgeofevolution.com to register for the call, or visit http://tinyurl.com/mysteryschool. If you’re registered, but can’t attend, at least they will send you a recording of the call.
Tip #2: For an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola taken from David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference go to:


Tip #3: I’ve been a real advocate of Vitamin D ever since I started doing research for a report on all the positive effects it has. In fact, one of my first blog posts was on the subject. Now they’re even finding it can help with weight loss, especially when it comes to trimming fat from the abdomen (I knew I loved D for some reason!) For a short, but interesting video about Vitamin D and weight loss, go here:



Tip #4: For a 10 min. video from the Engage Today conference, featuring Vishen Lakhiani talking about growing your business and being happy and grateful in the now, while holding a vision of greater things to come, go here:



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Vitamin D–The “D” Must Stand for Dynamite!

Yipes! I can’t believe I started creating my “Hello World” opening blog a month ago and am just now finishing it up and moving on to this new posting. Hopefully I’ll get faster at this as I go along.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve been researching lately is vitamin D. It seems that suddenly this is the “go to” nutrient for almost anything that ails you. I remember when you really didn’t hear much about it, which gave me the impression it must not be that important to our health. Now they’re finding that it is not only necessary for bone health, but also can help protect against colds and flu (including swine flu!), a number of cancers, and more.

And what’s interesting is that as they are discovering how big of a player vitamin D really is, they are also finding out that most people are deficient in this “sunshine vitamin.” Even 83% of the people living in Saudi Arabia, one of the sunniest climates around, were found to be deficient. And the Mayo Clinic found that 100% of the African-Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans they tested had low levels of D, so it’s affecting the entire population. And chronic deficiency has shown to play a role in 11 types of cancer, as well as in inflammatory conditions such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s Disease. Low levels of D also play a part in heart disease, pain issues, diminishing cognitive function, and weak, brittle bones.

There’s so much about vitamin D that I think people should know that I plan on writing an article to recap all the information I’ve found. But it may be awhile (consider that it took me a month to get my “Hello World!” blog done) before I will be posting it on my website. And with flu prevention being a hot topic right now, I wanted to let people know right away that they should make sure they’re getting enough D.

TIPS: When buying any D be sure you’re getting D3 (cholecalciferol), not D2, an inactive form of D that’s about 10 times less effective because it’s hard for the body to absorb and use. And be sure you’re taking an adequate amount of D. Many researchers, doctors, and healthcare practitioners are now saying that the RDA recommendation of 400 I.U. is way too low, and that we should be getting between 2000 – 5000 units a day (some set therapeutic dosage as high as 50,000 I.U. a week). So make sure you’re taking enough to have a preventative effect, and since D is fat-soluble, always take it with some fat/oil containing food(s).

PICKS: There are a ton of different vitamin D supplements available, and even more now that it’s showing itself to be such a powerhouse. And in light of recent findings, many companies are putting out versions of D with much higher doses than before.  Up until a couple of months ago I didn’t take any vitamin D other than what was in my calcium supplements, but after all the stuff I’ve been reading, I decided to change that. Right now I’m using Now’s Liquid Vitamin D-3 (you can get it through the Links or To Your Health page on my site for one of the best prices around). Each drop equals 100 I.U. and a dropperful is 5000 I.U., so it’s easy to take the dosage you feel is right for you and not have a lot of pills to swallow. It’s taste-less, so that’s a plus, too (you can even add it to your salad dressing and get your dosage that way). I like it a lot, but will also be keeping my eyes open for anything else that seems worth checking out. And be sure to leave a comment if you have your own D recommendation to make.

That’s it for now. Have a “D” lightful day, Zippy (aka Zirah)

p.s. If you would like a free 4-page report by Dr. Nicolas Hedberg about how to fortify your immune system against swine flu and other “bugs,” go to my What’s New page and send in a request.

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