“Must see TV,” video on wealth attraction, and “re-replays”

Tips & Picks of the Day:

PICKS – This time I’m going to put the “picks” first because I hope everyone checks these out. First, there’s an 11-part critically acclaimed nature series titled Life that started last Sunday on the Discovery Channel. I taped the 1st episode and just got around to watching it last night. Wow! Stunning cinematography and animal sequences I’d never seen the likes of before—and, believe me, I’ve watched a lot of animal/nature programs over the years. It looks like, at least in the TV area where I live, Discovery will be airing 4 episodes, including the episode I saw, tomorrow (Sunday) night, from 6pm-10pm EST. If you’re interested in animals/nature/life (and lets hope you’re at least interested in the last one), then be sure and check this out!

Also, for details and a link to a FREE webinar by Brian Wong, a protege of Bob Proctor’s who is now a millionaire himself, go to my “What’s New” page. The presentation is titled The Wealth Attraction Equation and Brian does a great job of giving you a simple and easy to follow equation or formula (literally!) that explains how to create the life and experiences you want. By understanding and working with the formula and its various components you can consciously improve your success rate of attracting/creating the level of wealth and life experience you desire. A unique, straight-forward approach to a subject that almost everyone is interested in these days. Viewing the presentation is definitely time well spent.

TIPS – Due to popular demand, Living Energy Secrets is offering “re-replays” of the Brad Yates (one of my favorite EFT masters) and Sue Morter interviews. So, if you missed these when they aired live and also during the regular replay period, then 3rd time’s a charm. Check them out here: 



And don’t forget the free Qi Gong energy healing (mentioned in a previous post) that’s happening tomorrow night!

 Enjoy, “Zippy”

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