Great Abraham video on relationships, plus current astrological configurations


Thanks to David Childerley, again, here’s a tip and my pick for today as far as a “must listen.” It’s a video presentation by Abraham on relationships that is humorous, entertaining, insightful and inspiring. As the song goes…”Who could ask for anything more?!”

And I really liked shamic astrologer Tami Brunk’s update and perspective on the coming full moon and other current cosmic configurations…

Autumn Equinox and Full Moon in Aries

As if last week wasn’t powerful enough-this week we experience the Equinox nearly exact with a Full Harvest Moon in Aries, conjunct Uranus and Jupiter, which are at their closest point to the Earth. Add to that the fact that the Sun squares Pluto on Saturday-which is still in a power stance, having just stationed direct, and is nearly at a stand still. It’s clear to see that the T-Square is in fact very much activated and intensified at this time-even though this month we do not have the “super aspects” of Uranus opposite Saturn and Saturn square Pluto.

The Fall Equinox occurs on Wednesday, September 22. It is followed by the Full Harvest Moon in Aries, exact at 3:17 am Thursday morning. The near-full Moon can be seen at around midnight on Wednesday at the “top of the sky” near conjunction with Jupiter (and invisible Uranus). The Aries/Libra dynamic now activated by the Full Moon is a joyful invitation-energized by Jupiter and Uranus-to take decisive, clear, and committed action toward the fruition of our goals and dreams, in concert with others.

We are finding the balance between acting autonomously and independently and seeking collaboration with others. We are learning that there is no prescribed path to follow at the Turning of the Ages-we must carve it for ourselves. We must be willing to make mistakes, to stumble, and to try new approaches as we make our way into a renewed world.

As we emerge as agents of our own destiny and world changers in our own right Aries says-take risks! Be the pioneer and inventor you were born to be! Uranus and Jupiter urge us to embody our uniqueness and know we are given great strength as we do so.

The Autumn Equinox is a time of preparation for the winter months to come. It is a time of balance between dark and light, where the air takes on a magical quality and we see the beautiful trees beginning to turn colors in their own process of release. As with the recent activation of Spica we are invited to claim and celebrate what we have learned, created, and brought into the world over the past year. What do we wish to carry with us through the winter months to sustain us? What will we release and return to Source?

We have gained so much wisdom, clarity, and strength over these past months. It is important to celebrate and own this. So as we take focused action toward the lives and the renewed world our hearts say is oh-so-possible, we can make use of the foundation we have been building over the past year.

Sun Square Pluto–a Torch in the Darkness

On Saturday, the Sun squares Pluto, bringing new light and insight to the Pluto in Capricorn dynamic we have been experiencing since 2008. Capricorn is about the human-made rules, institutions, and structures that support a society and culture. Pluto represents the regenerative processes of the Underworld-the death and rebirth cycles that are part of Earth existence. Interestingly, the “official” begin date for our current recession has been set at December 2007–immediately preceding Pluto’s entrance into the sign of Capricorn in January 2008.

Since that time we have seen our global financial institutions falter precariously. We have seen that our political institutions’ adherence to “business as usual” is exacerbating, not addressing our current societal and planetary crises. The Sun squaring Pluto can be seen as a “torch” in the present darkness, offering a glimpse into the heart of the disintegration process modern human societies are facing, and insight into how we can best engage with this process.

To the degree that we can accept that the changes we are experiencing are in service to humanity’s evolution and the birth of a new era, we will be empowered to act decisively in those areas where we DO have control (Aries)–in collaboration with others (Libra). The Uranus Jupiter connection suggests that we are poised at the brink of tremendous evolutionary change. With Pisces in the picture we are reminded of the power of prayer and seeking spiritual guidance on this journey.”

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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