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Here is shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk’s update for the Week of November 15 to 20… 

Mars and Antares-Releasing the Inner Fire

Beginning last night (Sunday) and lasting through the week, both Mercury and Mars are visible in dark skies near Antares after sunset. Antares is the “heart of the Scorpion” located within the Scorpio constellation–near Galactic Center, the densest part of our Milky Way Galaxy–which is the area of the sky setting to the west in the evening at this time.

A Mars-Antares alignment has powerful associations as Antares literally means “enemy of Mars.” Ancient astrologers would have seen this as a portent for warfare, global aggression, and other volatile events. Shamanic Astrology views conscious engagement with celestial cycles as a form of co-creation with Great Mystery. In other words, we are not passive victims in the unfolding story of the Universe but active participants. The magic of astrology at the Turning of the Ages is that it empowers us to tune into and activate emerging mythologies for planets, stars, constellations and aspects that are more empowering for our time than the old stories.

A new way to work with the Mars/Aries aspect was identified recently by my Shamanic Astrology teachers. Antares has been understood as a gate or portal leading into Galactic Center–which can be seen as the exit point where souls go after death to be reborn. A powerful way to ceremonially participate with this aspect is to imagine the fiery, aggressive, combative dynamics within our own being and life (as well as in the world as a whole)–and to release them into Galactic Center for transformation. 

The Aztecs saw fire–very present with the Mars/Antares aspect–as the energy that ages us most quickly when it is out of balance. The fire gods were portrayed as wizened, dried-up, fierce beings. It is good to honor and acknowledge the role that passion, action, and will plays in our lives. Fire is a vital, life giving element yet in the west we tend to overuse it.

With such a strong presence of Scorpio, we must allow ourselves to feel our feelings at this time–even those that are uncomfortable. We are learning to honor and be with our greatest intensity and emotion–without expressing it in ways that are irresponsible or harmful. 

So for the next few days we can give gratitude for the fiery element that sparks, nourishes, and mobilizes life–while finding positive channels for its appropriate use. At the same time, we can release old thoughts, habits, and traumas that overheat and exhaust our systems. And with this release we welcome the cool and rainy dimension of emotional wellbeing and relief to flood and cleanse our lives.    

Venus Conjunct Spica-The Harvest of the Divine Feminine

Wednesday morning Venus can be seen near Spica, the brightest star in the Virgin Constellation. The new Scorpio Goddess visits the Virgin Goddess–she who is whole and complete unto herself. 

Leonid Meteor Showers

In the early morning hours of both Wednesday and Thursday the Leonid Meteor showers are at their peak. This meteor shower rivals the August Perseids as a spectacular show-though it takes a dedicated stargazer to stay up late/wake up early and go out into the cold to see them!

Jupiter and Venus Direct and Neptune Chiron Square the Sun

Also on Thursday both Jupiter and Venus station direct. These are the two brightest planets visible in the evening and morning sky so their presence has been felt strongly–the station represents an intensification of their resonance on Earth. This follows on the heels of a dual Neptune Chiron station last week and today; Neptune and Chiron are both squaring the Sun.

All of this is to say–today is a day of intensity, magic, and otherworldliness. Neptune and Chiron are both in the sign of Aquarius, squaring the Sun in Scorpio. Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces, and Venus is in her new expression as the Scorpio Goddess. So we are really navigating the Celestial (Pisces/Aquarius/Neptune) realm at the same time as the very present Underworld cycles (Scorpio, Chiron)/ The most effective way to work with both Celestial and Underworld cycles is to surrender to Great Mystery. 

This is a powerful time to open our hearts and let go. Whatever we are going through, tensing up, contracting, and attempting to handle it all on our own creates more challenge in our lives. Instead, it is tremendously beneficial for us to cultivate trust. In the midst of great change and metamorphosis we can slow our anxious minds, breathe deep and center into our bodies-and know what is always true at the level of Great Mystery-all is well.

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