Astrology update, good news about sugar, and inspiration from Michael Beckwith


#1 – Here’s the latest astrological update from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk on the cosmic alignments taking place this week. I really enjoyed her perspectives and insight and thought you might, as well…

Capricorn Lineup
This week begins with an extraordinary series of aspects-Mercury (retrograde), Mars, and Pluto all meeting up near 4’40 Capricorn within just 2 degrees of the North Node. These aspects resonate most strongly through Wednesday, but influence our entire week.

The Mars and Pluto dynamic can be understood as a useful spark and impetus, preparing us for the upcoming total lunar eclipse and winter solstice next week. Mars represents the physical, active and dynamic force on our planet. When it is paired with the primal life force energy of Pluto it can be seen as a dramatic catharsis, and potential battle of some kind.

Do we know how to engage with our own inner power, our primal sources of energy, and our inner conflicts? Many of us fear intensity, power, instinctual action and conflict–whether we see it outside of ourselves or feel it stirring within. Our modern culture madly promotes violence for the consumption of the masses–in sports, film, video games. Yet we are too seldom provided with support to cultivate the warrior or athlete within–to consciously engage with and raise our primal energy–and learn to channel it skillfully.

We fear tapping into our inner rage, passion, fire-because we are afraid we will harm ourselves, or others. Yet too often our fear causes us to shut down emotionally, physically, spiritually–to only half live, while occasionally exploding in ways that DO harm ourselves or others, and re-enforce our belief that we are dangerous creatures inside. 

We can find creative, empowering, and positive channels for our inner fire–dance, martial arts, tantra, kundalini yoga, sports–and many of the best visual artists, writers, and musicians seem to be ignited by a creatively conflicted, physically aggressive muse.  

On the collective level this aspect can heat up conflicts between nations and groups. It can point to the continued, accelerated disruption of societal institutions-economies, governments, corporations. Wikileaks is a prime example of where Mercury fits in–as a cyber-battle rages between the media revolutionaries and powers that be.

With the North Node involved, we can consider that this disruption and volatility is all moving humanity toward its destiny–is assisting in the evolutionary process. And with Mercury also involved, and retrograde, to the degree that we can approach our current situation from an intuitive and open-minded perspective (releasing our need for the world to operate according to our standards of logic and rationale) we are provided with profound insight into the meaning behind inner and outer change and disruption–and best actions to take in response.   

Sun square Jupiter and Uranus

The second major happening this week is the Sun square to Jupiter (Thursday) and Uranus (Saturday). This speaks as well to the revolutionary impulse present in such phenomena as wiki-leaks. While Mars and Pluto ask that we embody and experience the personal dimension of conflict and tension as agents of transformation and creation–we are at the same time invited to expand our vision and perspective to consider the whole-our entire human family, and the future of our planet.

Sun aspects to Jupiter and Uranus truly speak to an illumination by Great Mystery of the innovative, progressive inspiration within humanity toward conscious evolution and growth. Without a doubt, we are going through a maturation process (Mars/Mercury/Pluto/North Node in Capricorn)–and its attendant growing pains. Yet with Uranus and Jupiter activated, we get to experience the more expansive elements of this maturation. It is a very positive, empowered time for us to tune into and activate our highest vision for the world we wish to help create as our old world is dismantled.

#2 – Sugar may be bad for you to eat, but did you know it has great powers, along with honey, when it comes to healing cuts, wounds, infections and burns?! And it leaves minimal or no scarring. I recently came across 2 articles on the subject and was so impressed that I’m now featuring them on my website.

#3 – Here’s an excerpt from an article about the evolutionary edge of the Law of Attraction by Michael Beckwith…

Why is it that just by walking into a room some people light up the atmosphere with their presence? Why, when certain individuals speak, do their listeners become spellbound, while someone talking about the same subject is met with yawns? What I’m describing are those individuals whose magnetism is so potent they effortlessly make a dynamic impact.   No form of social networking, marketing, or résumé reveals more about us than the vibratory frequency that radiates from our being.


Did you know that you have a magnetic field that draws to you the people, experiences and things that mirror the vibratory equivalent of your thoughts, perceptions, opinions, beliefs, insights-in short, your overall state of consciousness? Consciousness determines most of what unfolds in our life.  How we interpret, integrate and respond to that evolutionary process determines the rest. We are all-consciously or unconsciously-evolutionists, constantly co-creating, regenerating, transforming and emerging through application of the laws governing the universe. 

To accelerate your magnetic frequency and manifest your vision for your life, you must enter the laboratory of your own mind and soul and evolve through 3 domains:


1)    discovering, activating, expressing and promoting your gifts, talents and skills, which attunes you to the law of divine right action;

2)    moving into a deeper spiritual understanding and practice of working with the laws governing the universe through affirmative prayer, Life Visioning*, and visualization, which attune you to the law of attraction;

3)    practicing meditation and surrender at such a depth that you no longer need to “attract” anything because you live in alignment with the law of radiance which automatically provides all that is required to sustain you and cause you to flourish.

You can read the complete article here 



(By the way, in step 2 Beckwith mentions visioning and visualization. Two potent “tools for transformation” that focus on the visioning process are my workbook Vision Writing: Composing & Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live  and Mind Movies.)


Enjoy, “Zippy”


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