Gratitude, impossible?, Home, the tunnel, ear points, free health resources, and Abraham



# 1 -The power of gratitude….

“When a person uses the power of their quadrapolar magnet, the fourfold power of desire, thought, flowing feeling, and sensation to seek  (Gratitude)  above all else, these powers penetrate through veils of obscurity and distraction and attune the individual consciousness to Divine Consciousness and Feeling.

“Where the attention goes, energy flows.”

If a person focuses on the problem itself and continues to give it powerful mental and emotional energy, especially if the mental and emotional energy is negative, then the quadrapolar magnet creates attracts exactly what is not wanted.

By focusing on Gratitude instead, at the same time that the problem is being confronted, a person connects to Omnipresent, All powerful, and All knowing Divine Mind and Feeling,  and to the heavenly hosts. In this way help and instruction is attracted, manifesting solutions to any and all situations.

In attuning to Divine Mind, the Theta brainwave state of deep inner thought opens the Book of Life and regains understanding of the original purity of all ideas.

Gifts of eloquence, artistic talent, clairvoyance and other occult powers are regained.

“All that I do ye shall do and more.”

Once Gratitude is found through one pointed focus of the powers of consciousness and feeling, all other gifts and delights are added in a way that is in the highest good of all.  We are one (in Gratitude).” ~ Spiritus Sanctus


# 2 – I love this one. Reminds me of the saying “no one goes home until we all go Home”….


# 3 – Here’s something that was taken from a recent newsletter from Brian Johnson of The Philosopher’s Notes…..


Take the survival tale of Swedish adventurer Göran Kropp. In October 1995, he left Stockholm, Sweden, on a bicycle and rode it to the base of Mount Everest, arriving there in April 1996. He climbed Everest, reaching the summit with no oxygen mask and no help from Sherpas. He descended the mountain and eventually pedaled back to Sweden. If someone invited you to undertake such a wild adventure, you might say: “That’s impossible!” or “You’re crazy!”

As it turns out, it’s not impossible. It’s hard — really hard — but doable under the right circumstances. The cliché is true: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Seemingly unsurmountable challenges confronting your business, sports, health and fitness, and relationships are far more manageable than you might imagine.” ~ Joe De Sena from Spartan Up!


# 4 – Oh, I think this is a great one from Spirit Science….


# 5 – Find out about some points on your ear you can massage to relieve stress, allergies and inflammation, boost energy, balance your body, and more...

And a number of free health resources….

# 6 – Short, sweet and to the point….

Appreciation is the magic formula you’ve been seeking. —Abraham



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2 Replies to “Gratitude, impossible?, Home, the tunnel, ear points, free health resources, and Abraham”

  1. Another rich and inspiring sharing :) I love the tunnel quote, and the Ram Das one is up there in my faves list. What an INCREDIBLE story about that Swedish guy, wow! Puts things in perspective, that’s for sure. Blessings on you friend, have a great week. H xxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and were thoughtful enough to let me know that you did. And right back at ya, as far as the “Blessings on you friend, have a great week.” :-)

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